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Chapter 8 - Luke 3:23 - “And when He, Jesus, began, He was about thirty years old, being as reckoned by law, son of Joseph.”

Written down through Jacob Lorber on January 3rd, 1844

1. "Now, lets bring up another text, selected by you, and we'll see, if any light is present in it for our cause!"

2. “And when He, Jesus, began, He was about thirty years old being, as reckoned by law, son of Joseph.”

3. "The text is given and an overpowering and radiant light together with it! Surely, in this text, you should be able to immediately see the reason, why it is suitable for this purpose! But we want to take a look, if you can't see the light yourself after a small prelude."

4. "He was about thirty years old when He started His teaching ministry, and people thought of Him as being the biological son of Joseph, the carpenter."

5. "'Who is the 'He'? - This 'He' is the Lord Himself who was from eternity and will forever be the same Lord!'"

6. "But how was He about thirty years old, He who was eternal? - The Eternal created Himself here, for the first and for the last time to be a man, and as a human being, He counted also the time for Himself, which also came from Him from all eternity!"

7. "He was almost thirty years old. What does this mean? Could He as God be thirty years old? - Certainly not because He was eternal; so He could only be that old as a human being."

8. "Then He started His teaching ministry. But how? As God, or as a human being? - Through the admixture: "People thought of him as being the biological son of Joseph, the carpenter," it was sufficiently testified, that the barely thirty year old 'He' was only seen as a human being, when He started to teach; because the God within Him behaved just like everyone else's spirit towards the barely thirty year old carpenter son. This spirit had to be awakened first by appropriate external activity, which comes forth from the love, before he appears and acts on His own authority."

9. "This barely thirty year old son of the carpenter Joseph apparently acceded His teaching ministry not as God at all, but as a human being only. The Deity within Him appeared only on certain occasions, operating to the degree, as He as a human being had released it within Him by His deeds; but without deeds the Deity did not surface."

10. Question: "How could this barely thirty year old man accede His teaching ministry, wherefore great learning is necessary, which requires a lot of study and a great literacy? Where did His Wisdom come from?"

11. "For we know Him, He is the carpenter's son and He has performed the profession (the handicraft) of his father before our eyes! We know that He has never attended schools; nor can we easily remember that He, at any time and opportunity, took the book into his hand and read in it. He was a normal craftsman almost up until the hour, and behold, now He is a teacher, and His teaching is full of anointing and deep wisdom, although the rest of Him still looks like a carpenter! How long is it, since He built for us a stable for the donkeys, together with his brothers?! Behold only His truly calloused hands, and behold, now He is a teacher and even a prophet, without ever having attended the prophetic school of the essene's! How should we look at this?"

12. "Behold, this is a literal and true testimony which was given on behalf of the carpenter's son at Capernaum! But this testimony reveals, that within this barely thirty year old carpenter, the Divinity was not truly visible; because otherwise, they would have honored Him with another testimony!"

13. "But from where did this mere man get such teaching skills, since He never studied and read much? - This man owed His teaching ability only to His deeds!"

14. "His activity originated only from His continual great love for the Divinity as well as from the love to His neighbor. He sacrificed every deed to God and also exercised it, so that He never had His own advantage in mind, but only the advantage for his neighbor. In addition to that, this man dedicated three hours a day to rest in God."

15. "As a result of that, He awakened more and more the slumbering Divinity within Him in all its fullness, and He made it liable to interest, up to the extent and degree of His activity; and when He had almost reached the 30th year, the Deity within Him was awakened to such a degree, that He received that sublime Spirit of Wisdom, to step up to the known teaching ministry, to which He was called."

16. "After this prelude I ask you, if you still haven't beheld the exceedingly strong glowing light within this text. - Yes, you have seen it already, and you can also see, where it's headed; therefore, we will summarize this very briefly in the afterword, in order to not expand this matter redundantly!"

17. "So what should this afterword contain? - Look, very briefly... Go, and do the same!."

18. "Don't think, that the Divine Spirit within ourselves can be awakened by simply reading and studying a lot; because by doing that, you rather kill it and carry it as a dead body to the grave. But act according to the basic principle of life, by that, your Spirit will become alive and he will find everything within himself, what you surely would not have found by reading a thousand books!"

19. "Once the Spirit is alive, you may read, and you will, by reading or by listening to My Word, collect fruits, which have a living kernel or base. Without the former awakening of the spirit, you will only reap empty shells of the fruit, in which is not one living kernel; the living kernel, however, is the inner living spiritual understanding."

20. "But where should this come from, if the spirit would not have been acting freely and be made alive beforehand?! The body is an outer shell, which falls off and decays; the soul is the food and the body of the spirit. But if you only read to gather and enrich your outer natural understanding, what should the spirit profit from that, if he is not yet a living and active example up to the right measure, and therefore does not approach each read word immediately with his living, spiritual understanding to fill that from the outside shallowly read word with that living kernel, which only thereby is made alive and effective?!"

21. "Therefore, the old principle always applies... Do not be vain listeners, but doers of the word, only then you will truly become aware of the Divine Word within yourself!"

22. "I mean, this is also pretty clear; but since man cannot have enough of the light, as we have often said already, we will therefore proceed to another Central Sun, chosen by you!"

Main Page Scripture-Explanations SCRE-8 Chapter