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The Book of the true Life 7

Teaching 175

The Lord says:

1. I come to reveal all the gifts that you possess. You have had them since 1first created you even though you were unaware of those gifts. It is now time to truly know yourself, and to recognize your heritage, so that you may become great in spirit.

2. From era to era I have given you my revelations. I first gave you the Law, then my doctrine, and finally full knowledge of your spiritual mission.

3. You say that I have been with mankind three times, but truly I have always been with you. I am the Father who in the first era revealed his law of justice to humanity, who in the second era incarnated his Word in Jesus, his son, and who today manifests himself spiritually to the world. Thus, throughout the eras, I have given you a divine parable that speaks of your spiritual evolution and makes you aware that only one God, one Spirit, and one Father has spoken to you throughout the eras.

4. You ask me why I manifest myself spiritually to humanity in this era? My response is that I want you to become enlightened, to achieve spirituality, and to live in harmony with your brethren, for man has been divided throughout history. Some have sought spiritual treasures, while others have sought and loved the material riches of the world. There has been constant conflict between spiritualism and materialism. They have never been able to understand one another.

5. Remember that when the Messiah arrived among the people of Israel, they became divided into those who believed in my truth and those who did not. The explanation is simple: those who awaited me spiritually were the ones who believed, and those who awaited me with their material senses, rejected me.

6. Those two forces will confront one another again until the truth emerges from that battle. The battle will be fierce, because with the passage of time man has become more materialistic. Due to his scientific discoveries, he feels that he has created his own world and inhabits his own kingdom.

7. Today, man has extended his territories, ruling and traveling throughout the world. No continent, land, or sea exists that has not been explored. He has made pathways through the land, the sea, and the air. However, he is not satisfied with what he possesses on earth and is now studying and exploring the heavens in search of greater domains.

8. I bless my children's desire for new knowledge. Their ambition to be wise, great, and strong greatly pleases me, but I do not approve of their selfish ambitions nor egotistical goals.

9. I did not come to prevent man from acquiring new knowledge or making new scientific discoveries. When I created man, I told him to grow and to multiply and to rule the earth. That is to say, among all the creatures on earth, man is the one who is conscious of human laws and divine justice. Also, he is able to develop and refine his virtues. Thus, he is able to create harmony with all creatures and elements on earth.

10. However, mankind has not lived in harmony throughout its existence on earth! Thus, man has constantly stumbled, endured bitter suffering, and lacked peace.

11. I am giving you a new teaching, a teaching for all mankind. Not all individuals prayed while awaiting my arrival, but pain kept them alert and prepared them to receive me. Humanity is now aware of what the people of Israel experienced in the Second Era. Thus, man should no longer attempt to defy my divine justice. Perhaps you do not know that those who awaited the coming of the Lord in order to receive from him the light of hope and knowledge were given the gifts of prophecy, divine learning, and spiritual power? If you ask me where those spirits now dwell, I will tell you that they now inhabit elevated spiritual mansions. Those things that are perceived as great and beautiful on earth do not compare to the great and beautiful things that exist in those mansions. But if you ask me what happened to those who were not accepting of my kingdom because they understood my words and my promises poorly, I will tell you that they are the ones who will reincarnate time and time again until their spirit fully evolves. Those spirits who asked for power and gold were materialistic. Therefore, to assist them with their spiritual restitution, they were granted the world with its false riches and its false power. They were touched by my divine justice but have never been removed from the path of salvation, which leads to the kingdom of truth. Therefore, now that I am illuminating mankind, I am seeking those who rejected me in the past to make them comprehend that the time for learning my teaching has now ended. Also, I will make them understand that this is the Third Era, the era in which the judgement of the Jewish people will take place.

12. Each individual has an appointment with me and will listen to what I have to say.

13. All will be judged by me. I will judge every deed that has not been judged. My presence and power shall be truly felt, and after the chaos everything will return to normal.

14. My people, be constantly alert and pray so that you will not be surprised. Truly I say, that if you are alert and pray for your brethren, there will be an invisible cloak which will protect you, for you will have loved your brethren and will have felt their suffering!

15. Again I say to you that humanity will feel my presence, my power, and my justice. Although I have allowed man to disrespect those things that are sacred in life, I am going to put a limit to his evil deeds. I have allowed man to utilize his free will, but I will make him realize that everything that he does has a limit. I have allowed him to satisfy his ambition for power and greatness on earth, but I am going to detain him along his path. Through his conscience, I will make him look at what he has done and also make him respond to my questions.

16. have permitted suffering, destruction, and death to exist on earth so that by tasting those bitter fruits man will become aware of the kind of tree he has planted. But I will take away his suffering and allow his spirit to rest and to meditate, and the time will come when his spirit will sing a hymn of love to his Creator. It has been said and written that the day will come when men will love one another and will adorn their spirit with the white robe of elevation.

17. All will be saved, all will be forgiven, and all will be comforted. What then will happen to death, eternal condemnation, and everlasting hell?

18. I did not create a hell nor death, for when my spirit conceived the idea of creation, I felt love and only life sprouted from my spirit. If death and hell do exist, they would have had to have been created by humans, although you know that nothing human is eternal.

19. Truly I tell you that not only does the spirit of those who listen to this manifestation tremble, but also those beings in the spiritual valley who are in need of divine enlightenment.

20. Although they are unable to listen to the words spoken by the human spokesmen, they receive the essence and inspiration of my messages. My voice is heard throughout the universe, thus it reaches every planet and mansion where my children dwell.

21. send a ray of my divine light to every world. It reaches you in the form of human words, whereas, other mansions receive it through inspiration.

22. My divine enlightenment will unite all spirits, thus forming a ladder that will guide them toward my spiritual kingdom. This kingdom was promised to all of my children.

23. Imagine the joy of all those beings who were related to you on earth, but who now dwell in the spiritual valley, when they know that the voice of the Father that they listen to is also heard on earth. Those beings have not left you nor have they forgotten you. They have not stopped praying for those on earth. They continually send you their love and blessings.

24. Those beings in the spiritual valley were at one time your parents, children, brothers, sisters, spouses, and friends on earth. But now they are simply your spiritual brethren and their love for you is the same, if not greater, as well as their ability to help and protect you.25. My people, pray for those beings and continue to love them and to remember them. Your prayers will offer them comfort and will help them in their struggle. Do not think of them as being disturbed or living in darkness, for it would be the same as if you were judging them and sentencing them. If humans on earth tend to judge their brethren unfairly and imperfectly, how could they treat a spirit with justice?

26. Once again I tell you to help them only with your prayers and with your good deeds on earth.

27. It is not necessary for those beings to present themselves in some material form in your life, either by manifesting themselves through a human being or in some other manner. If you expect them to do this, you would be denying the spirituality that I have taught you. Also, you should not designate a specific day of the year to remember them and to summon them. Keep in mind that the spiritual valley does not follow material time, and thus every moment is appropriate for communicating with your spiritual brethren through prayer.

28. Many of those beings whom you thought were confused are actually the ones who have struggled to help you to discover this path of light, which they were unable to find when they were on earth. Do not cry or mourn for those beings who have departed for they are not dead. They have only departed a few moments ahead of you. It was my will for them to depart so that they could prepare the path for you.

29. My people: Is it necessary for me to tell you that you have no reason to visit cemeteries, and that the tears that you shed over a grave are tears of ignorance, materialism, and fanaticism?

30. That spirit for which you mourn, it lives; it is not dead. You believe that you will never see it again, but it is lovingly awaiting you to offer testimony of truth and life. Also, you believe that it is far away, insensitive, and unaware of your struggles and suffering. However, you fail to realize that even though it dwells in the spiritual valley, it is helping to remove many obstacles and difficulties from your path.

31. Your ignorance causes you to be ungrateful and cruel with yourself and with others. But I ask you: Who can call himself ignorant after having listened to my teachings?

32. My word is a ray of light that will illuminate everyone and unite them within my love. If, after listening to my word, you believe and practice it, you will unite with all those who love me, who believe in me, and who glorify me.

33. I have informed you in my teachings that life on earth is a painful journey for the spirit. When one's life ends on earth his spirit will experience Calvary. Thus, while on earth you need to imitate me and to practice my examples.

34. Happy are the spirits who know how to reach the top of the mountain with faith and with virtue, because in the instant they depart from their material body they will feel the embrace of the Father as a reward for their courage and love. They are the ones that will penetrate eternity without stumbling.

35. My teachings in this period will help humanity to understand the meaning of my law and doctrine. Man will experience happiness and spiritual peace on earth if he fulfills my law. However, the spirit will experience the perfect joy only after it returns to its true home. How many opportunities you have to be kind and to be helpful to your brethren! Every home is an appropriate field in which to sow my seed. In each city and in each village are those who thirst for my charity and my love. I have come to teach you to sow my seed, so that you will offer love, comfort, and peace to the world.

36. Your mission is to help and to love your brethren. You can fulfill that mission through your prayers, words, and deeds.

37. I have taught you the perfect prayer which is the true language of the spirit. Prayer allows man to communicate directly with me.

38. have given you the gift of speech to express the enlightenment that exists in your spirit and the love found in your heart.

39. My people: Do not tell me that I am requesting too much, for I am aware of what you can do. Presently, you feel that you are weak, incompetent, and unworthy, because you have carefully examined yourself and have discovered many weaknesses that do not allow you to feel the pain of others. However, first I will heal you and allow you to feel my spiritual peace. Then, I will strengthen your heart and cleanse your path. Thus you will no longer feel weak, nor have doubts, nor feel incapable.

40. I have allowed you to listen to my word so that you will become strong when I send you to different places in fulfillment of your mission. Once your spirit becomes nourished with my teachings, it will arise to fulfill its mission through inspiration.

41. Pray, my people, and as you pray, I will send my peace to the nations of the earth, blessing your homes and illuminating your paths.

42. I will give you proof that what I promised you is true. That proof will be something that you have yearned and hoped for a long time. Truly I tell you, that I will offer proof of my love to each individual. There will be some who will be prepared to feel that love, whereas others will be unable to feel it due to their lack of spiritual preparation. When I offer you that evidence of love, you will remember my promise and your faith will be strengthened.

43. Do not despair nor shed any tears. Learn to wait for that moment by praying, remaining alert, and practicing my teaching.

44. Have you not noticed that when you pray, you quickly forget your own suffering and truly feel my peace? Practice my doctrine and make a true effort to communicate with me through prayer, and you will observe that my peace and my light will triumph over your ordeals and difficulties.

45. Be aware that your suffering is not in vain. Your mission it to become spiritually and physically prepared in order to sow my divine seed.

46. One who comforts and helps the weak become strong needs to become enlightened through his own experiences and strengthened through his own struggles and ordeals. He should not become frightened of the suffering and the misfortune of a fellow human being. If your fellowman asks for help and comfort, do not ignore him, help him.

47. Among those who live in darkness, sin, and vice, you will observe that many will arise seeking enlightenment, regeneration, and spirituality, but in order for this inspiration to come to them, you must first touch their hearts with deeds of love that will offer true evidence of brotherhood. Your deeds of love will be like rays of light that will illuminate the darkness in which those beings live.

48. Thus, be aware that the many forms of suffering that you have endured have helped to prepare your spirit for the delicate mission that it will need to fulfill.

49. The teachings that I have revealed in this era represent a new testament. It will become united with those of the past, forming only one revelation.

50. I will illuminate those who have the mission of uniting all three testaments into only one book.

51. My spiritual servants will guide those whom I have selected for that mission so that there will be no stains in that book.

52. The disagreements and lack of harmony that have existed among those who have witnessed my new manifestation will disappear once they carefully analyze that book and truly comprehend the essence of its teachings.

53. Presently, you are unaware of how your lack of unity will affect you. But truly I tell you, that tomorrow it will cause you to weep. How many times have I asked you to be in harmony spiritually, uniting your beliefs and practices. But you have not listened to my divine advice.

54. I have inspired you to form a new nation giving it the name of the New Israel, and I have assigned you several missions to fulfill. Just as I assisted the people of Israel in the First Era when they journeyed across the desert in pursuit of the "Promised Land", I will also assist you in this era. However, as yet you have not made an effort to comprehend my mandates nor have you wished to observe the example of unity that was given by the people of Israel as recorded in the First Era. It is an unforgettable example, because it was their harmony and unity that enabled them to overcome the ordeals that they encountered along their path.

55. A new "Promised Land" awaits you, although it is still very distant. You are now journeying through the vastness of the desert and are no longer slaves of the pharaoh. Although you have received my law, you are still practicing idolatry. You are still worshiping the "golden calf" without realizing it.

56. In order to awaken from your deep sleep, you will need to endure obstacles, ordeals, and persecution. Only then will you follow my mandates and guard carefully what I have taught you in this period. The Israelites in the First Era were also awakened by their ordeals and built the tabernacle and the ark to guard the law.

57. Today, it is your spirit that will be the tabernacle and your conscience will be the ark. Thus, you will carry my law in your conscience to illuminate your path. .

58. No one has arisen in this era, as did Moses in the past, to lead this nation of people and to strengthen its faith by performing miracles. But if you prepare yourself you will be able to feel the spiritual presence of Elijah, who is guiding and encouraging you along your journey.

59. Those who are listening to my word are weeping. Only I know why they are weeping, and only I am aware of the obstacles and difficulties that they have endured along their journey causing them to be detained.

60. Persevere, my people. Do not lose faith, and you will triumph over all obstacles. Pray, and let your deeds reflect as much truth, purity, and perfection as is possible. Thus, as you fulfill your mission you will discover the comfort and the strength that you need to triumph over your ordeals. If you journey in this manner, you will discover that your path is clear and free of all obstacles.

61. You are my fields where for the present grow both wheat and weeds. The hour to reap the harvest has not come, but when it arrives, I will judge the deeds of each one of you, then I will leave on the earth the good disciples and take from this world those who have not produced the fruits of unification and spirituality.

62. Be alert, and remember my teachings. Do not assume that my justice will never touch you just because I have assigned you important missions to fulfill. Remember that David and Solomon were both great leaders at one time, but they both fell asleep spiritually and thus fell from glory. They disregarded my law and assumed that the Father would never judge them because of his love for them. However, they both had to face my divine justice, which is wise and inevitable.

63. My people, think of the future generations who have yet to come. Think of your children, as did the patriarchs who prepared their followers to be ready for the coming of the Messiah.

64. Pray for those who will arrive tomorrow. Prepare their path with charity and love. Be aware that they will need to fulfill missions that are more elevated than yours and that it is important for them to find a path of spirituality to follow.

65. What will that path be? It will be a path that you will pave with your deeds of love and with your life.

66. All spirits have a great debt with the Father. My love and my justice offer each of you this new opportunity on earth to correct your past mistakes and to purify yourself spiritually. This will enable you to move on to the next mansion where you will dwell.

67. Oh blessed Third Era, you are offering man everything that he needs in order to free himself from his own slavery! Blessed are those who take advantage of your light, for they will be saved!

68. I have been your guide on your long spiritual journey. Also, I have tested you and have prepared you for my revelation in this era. It will not be men who will organize the new nation of Israel. It will be I who will form it, purify it, elevate it, and send it to earth to fulfill its mission. While that nation grows and prepares itself, I am clearing its path, opening doors, and removing obstacles. I did the same with the people of Israel in the First Era. I led them out of Egypt and guided them through the sea and through the desert.

69. The mission of this nation is to help humanity to awaken spiritually. After it fulfills its mission and man becomes aware of the era in which he lives, you Will observe that man will yearn to become spiritually enlightened and elevated. Not only will the world change completely but so will human life.

70. Man will obey his conscience and listen to his spirit. Thus, he will become aware of his spiritual needs and will satisfy them. Throughout the world, men will yearn to know God, to feel his closeness, and to sow his truth.

71. These prophecies will be fulfilled on earth when man is no longer able to endure his spiritual thirst and hunger. Man will eliminate his pride and will confess before the Lord. He will descend from his throne of authority, where he tried to ignore, judge, and deny me. He will repent for his sins and will once again acknowledge me. He will speak to me as a child for whom I have been awaiting for centuries and centuries.

72. How far man has fallen in his materialism - even denying the one who created everything! How can man become so confused? How can science be able to deny me and disrespect life and nature?

73. My presence is found in each new discovery that is made by science. Also, my law is manifested in each of those discoveries and my voice can be heard. How is it that scientists are unable to feel, to see, and to hear me? Does man's denial of my existence, love, and justice offer true evidence of his advancement and civilization? If it does, then truly you are not more advanced than men of ancient times. In the past, men knew how to discover the presence of a divine, superior, wise, just, and powerful being in all the marvelous things throughout nature. They attributed all the goodness that existed throughout creation to that being, and therefore they worshiped him.

74. As they developed intellectually, they attempted to comprehend what they perceived with their material senses. However, they were unable to worship me in a perfect manner and were unable to comprehend many of the divine truths. Nevertheless, I accepted their faith and worship as the first fruits offered to me by my children whom I would teach throughout the eras.

75. Since then and until now, how many lessons and revelations I have given to humanity! By now, man should have achieved a high level of comprehension and should be worshiping me in a perfect manner. Instead, he has arisen to deny me and he has become egotistical, vain, and inhumane with his science. Man worships God with rituals and traditions, but these do not reflect true spiritual worship.

76. I granted the gift of free will to man, and I have respected that freedom. However, I also gave him a conscience to guide him in the use of his divine gifts. But I say to you, that in the battle between the spirit and the material body, the spirit has lost. It has endured a painful defeat that has little by little separated it from the fountain of truth.

77. But that defeat is only temporary, because the spirit will arise from the bottom of the abyss because it can no longer endure its hunger, thirst, nakedness, and spiritual darkness. Pain will be its salvation. The spirit will hear the voice of its conscience and it will arise from the bottom of the abyss. It will arise with strength, enlightenment, and great inspiration. Through its own free will, it will choose to fulfill the divine laws. That is the best manner to worship your Father, who greatly loves you. My Peace be with you!

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