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The Book of the true Life 2

Teaching 52

The Lord says:

1. Nourish yourselves from my divine essence. Be firm in your obedience to my law; and you will find peace and comfort in your deeds as a reward. Truly intercede on behalf of your brothers, and with your prayers and your good deeds allow them to feel the peace of my Spirit. Do not discard my divine charity in these times of dangers; strengthen your spirits so that you will emerge victoriously from your ordeals.

2. Intercede and act kindly even toward those who do not love you. Imitate Mary, your heavenly mother, the divine intercessor, who intercedes on behalf of those who place their hope in her, as well as those who have closed their hearts to her and those who deny her purity and divine essence.

3. Your mission is delicate and your destiny is noble. My people, you should no longer separate from the path which I have traced for you. I have built a sanctuary in your hearts, but do not allow your faith to weaken and disappear nor stop striving to attain spirituality. Do not keep your temple in darkness, for if someone were to knock at its doors, he would not find the light he seeks, nor could he hear the echo of my voice. Carry my presence and my word in your hearts, and truly I say to you that no one will be able to destroy your sanctuary nor make you regress along your path. Who can keep you from loving me?

4. My spiritual wisdom is within your understanding and my voice is heard in every conscience; nevertheless, men do not want to recognize the time in which they are living. A multitude of people will need to prepare itself to offer the good news to humanity, and I want it to be these same people who I have selected to hear my divine word. If I am always telling you to prepare yourselves, it is because you will have to offer testimony of my manifestation through the human spokesmen. Your testimony will not be limited to repeating the phrases which you will have learned from me; you will need to offer proof of your spiritual strength by converting stubborn sinners, by healing the terminally ill, or by any other deed which I have taught you. Be aware that if you arise to preach love and charity without first practicing spirituality and regenerating your own lives, you will be imitating the hypocritical pharisees who advertised their false virtue and hid their perversity. I do not want anyone who is false or deceitful among my disciples.

5. If you yearn for my doctrine to flourish on earth, sow it as purely as I have delivered it to you, watering that divine seed with the water of your good deeds. Walk trusting in my protection.

6. Who will be able to stop you or silence you when you arise inspired by my divine light? No one, my people, just as no one was able to silence Jesus in the past. If he became silent in the presence of some sinners, it was to give you a lesson in humility since with his deeds he offered testimony to the truth of his word.

7. Consider the number of years that have gone by in which I have manifested myself through these spokesmen, yet no one has succeeded in silencing the divine word which sprouts from their lips. Truly I say to you that the year 1950 will arrive without this word ever having been interrupted. But once that year comes to an end, my nightingales will cease to transmit my teaching, for I will have concluded all of the revelations that I needed to give you during this manifestation.

8. You will offer testimony of my doctrine with your deeds, words, and thoughts, and nothing will hold back the abundance of spiritual enlightenment that your spirit will emit. But the time for you to stop speaking will also arrive. I will close your lips, for all that I needed to say through you will have been said.

9. I want all of you to unite without discriminating against each other because you attend different houses of prayer, for the teaching that everyone has received is the same; the light which illuminates each of you is the same.

10. I have given you the means to defend your faith and to watch over the doctrine which I have entrusted to you, but I have never given you weapons to hurt one another. I want this multitude to be soldiers of my spiritual cause but never its enemies. 11 My secret sanctuary was opened in this time to convert the spiritual outcasts, those who are hungry and thirsty for justice, into possessors of a spiritual treasure. Are you not content with that? Do your hearts not tremble with gratitude, O my people? Yes, you tell me inside, but I want that yes not to be a word, or a thought, but rather to be expressed in deeds of love toward your brothers.

12. Now I say to you, rest for a few moments from your weariness on earth; you have traveled a long distance carrying a burden of pain. Come to the fountain of grace to drink from this water which offers redemption. Although you are now weak, soon you will become strong enabling you to fight for my cause and confront the trials.

13. Prepare your sandals, for a new path awaits you. You will find endless opportunities to sow love and charity along that path. You are still fearful, and for that reason you have not wanted to announce that a new era has arrived. You must understand that what the Father has given you also belongs to your brothers and that you must tell them about it.

14. I have not come to give you new gifts or attributes in this period; your spirit has always possessed the gifts that you are aware of now. But the time goes by and I ask you, What do you await in order to begin to fulfill your mission? Do you await unbelievers to ridicule my word, my new manifestation, and to publish lies everywhere?

15. Practice and live according to my teachings, and truly I say to you that those who speak with insulting words will cease to speak. Those who were reluctant to believe will approach you, interested in finding out about my doctrine. If your deeds reflect love and charity, then they will be witnessing great and eloquent testimonies of my truth. When they see how you heal the sick, many of them will bring you close to their loved ones filled with hope that their illnesses will be cured.

16. Deliver my teaching with purity and you will not have to hide in order to heal the sick. For truly I say to you that you will not seek the catacombs in this time in order to practice my teachings; rather, you will do so in the light of day. Do not fear if in your own land your brethren do not believe you; you will soon go to other lands where you will find individuals whose hearts will be greatly touched.

17. You should be the first to be convinced of the truth which you are going to preach in order to demonstrate that faith to your brothers. If doubt penetrates into your spirit, it will be like a dagger slowly killing your aspirations.

18. You have lived through three eras. Be aware that you must arise to fulfill the most evolved mission of your destiny. Awaken from your deep spiritual sleep and advance with a firm step along the path of your evolution.

19. Do not ask me why you are still surprised by temptations even though you are following the path of the Lord. Be aware that it is then that you are most tested. That is why I always say to you, Be alert and pray in order not to fall into temptation.

20. The day approaches when your brothers will come to ask you questions. Will you then hide that which I have revealed to you with so much love? I have not given you anything in my lesson that would embarrass you.

21. Do not wait for the weeping on earth to multiply and for the rumors of war to increase before you arise. Pray and perform deeds of charity every day, for in that way you will counteract the force of evil.

22. If any one of you does not arise to fulfill your mission, it is because you are unaware of the gifts that I have given to your spirit.

23. Blessed are those who know how to find the essence of my word, for this heritage will be theirs. The seekers of divine truth are those who have always sought their Creator; those individuals will discover the presence of the Divine Master within this humble manifestation.

24. Outwardly, my manifestation in this time will seem poor, but truly I say to you that I have come to erect a sanctuary in the heart of the man who listens to my word. Do not assume that there are hierarchies among those beings whom I have selected in this era; I love all beings in the same manner. Do not assume that the human spokesmen of this manifestation earned this privilege through their own merits. It is such a great privilege, that only my love made it possible for those beings to receive that mission.

25. This mission is delicate for those who have received it; the weight of this cross is great, for without abandoning his material responsibilities on earth, the spokesman must reach a level of spirituality which permits him to receive the divine ray of my inspiration.

26. There are moments when you are surprised that God can be with you and manifest himself with so much love. You are surprised because you are well aware of your own stains and imperfections, thus, you feel unworthy of the great love that the Father shows you. Since you judge me as you are used to judging yourselves, my love has always surprised you. Why do you believe that within me there is anger, vengeance, or selfishness? I say to you that when you allow yourself to be judged by your conscience, humbly and sincerely confessing your faults, then you become worthy of having me descend from my kingdom to speak to you, for your sadness over having offended me helps you to become purified.

27. Do not be surprised that my love follows you everywhere in spite of your sins. You are all my children. In this world you have a reflection of God's divine love in the love of your parents. You can turn your backs to them, reject their authority, disobey their orders, and ignore their advice; with your bad deeds, you can inflict a wound in their hearts, cause their eyes to dry up from so much weeping, cause their hair to become white, and their faces to become wrinkled with the marks of suffering, but they will never cease to love you and will have only blessings and forgiveness for you. And if those parents who you have on earth, and who are not perfect, have offered you so much evidence of a pure and elevated love, why are you surprised that the one who created those individuals and gave them the mission of being parents loves you with a perfect love? Love is the supreme truth. Through truth I became man, and for truth I died while I was a man.

28. In this time I do not come to ask you for a sacrifice of blood. Nevertheless, there are those who have given their lives in my name, momentarily blinded by their fanaticism after having lived an impure life on earth. These acts can not produce a true seed, but only continue to encourage fanaticism.

29. That is why I tell you to speak truly believing the words that you are saying and to live your life according to what you are teaching. Nothing will speak better than your own life.

30. Do not be surprised by my love, nor should you doubt my love when you are experiencing very difficult and bitter moments on earth. Man may greatly descend, fill himself with darkness, or delay in returning to me; but the moment will arrive when each individual will feel my presence and no longer feel that I am distant nor perceive me as a stranger. Then that individual will no longer be able to deny my existence, my love, and my justice.

31. Just as man on earth can create a spiritual peace for himself similar to the peace of my kingdom, he can also, with his perversity, surround himself with an existence which is filled with vice, evil, and remorse.

32. In the hereafter, the spirit can also find worlds of darkness, of perversity, of hatred and vengeance, according to the spirit’s degree of confusion, low passions, and desires. But truly I say to you that the heaven as well as the hell, which men visualize only through earthly figures and images, are no more than different stages of the spirit's evolution; one stage is the highest level of perfection achieved by a spirit through its evolution and virtue, and the other is a stage where the spirit lives in a state of darkness, vices, and confusion.

33. To the virtuous spirit, it makes no difference where it finds itself, for wherever it may be, it will carry within the peace and the love of the Creator. On the other hand, the impure and disturbed spirit can find itself in the best of worlds but will continue to feel itself burning with remorse until it becomes purified.

34. Do you believe that I, your Father, have created places specifically for the purpose of punishing you and thus eternally avenging your sins?

35. How foolish are the men who continue to teach those theories!

36. How is it possible for you to believe that eternal darkness and pain are the destiny awaiting spirits which, though having sinned, will always be children of God? If they need be taught, here is the Teacher. If they need love, here is the Father. If they yearn for forgiveness, here is the perfect Judge.

37. The one who neglects to seek me and correct his faults will be unable to reach me. But no one will be able to resist my justice nor my trials; you can only reach me when you are pure.

38. Disciples, if you do not immediately understand my word when you hear it, keep it in your memories, and during moments of rest remember it and analyze it; then you will come to understand much of what I have taught you. If you do not retain it, what will you deliver to the multitudes who will soon arrive?

39. Without distinguishing any being, I allow all of you to come before my presence to receive my lessons. Before I assign you a mission, I dry up your tears, close your wounds, satisfy your spiritual hunger and thirst, and after I have given you proof of my love and have helped you to develop faith and hope in your hearts, then I tell you: "You have all been summoned. Do you want to be among the chosen?" But some individuals ask; "Where do you take us and along which path?" These are the individuals who are deeply attached to the material things of earth and to its pleasures. Others tell me: "Lord, we are not worthy of being called your chosen ones, but help us to do your will." These are the individuals who are ready to become spiritually elevated.

40. I ask those who follow me to pray for world peace and to watch over the peace on earth. Nations will soon elevate their prayers to ask me for the peace which I have always proposed to them. I have permitted mankind to first taste the fruit of what they have sowed. I want them to observe the human suffering that exists on earth, the rivers of human blood that has been shed, the mountains of cadavers that exist, and the cities that have been destroyed. I have wanted men with hardened hearts to see the desolation in homes, the desperation among the innocent, and mothers who, driven mad by pain, kiss the dismantled bodies of their children. I want those individuals to become fully aware of the anguish, sorrow, and desperation that exists among humanity so they might feel humiliation due to their arrogance. I want them to hear their consciences so they can become aware that their grandeur, power, and wisdom is a lie, and what is truly great only comes from the Divine Spirit. When these men open their eyes to the truth, they will become horrified, not of the scenes they observed with their eyes, but of themselves. And unable to run away from the stare and the voice of their conscience, they will feel that they are in a state of darkness, burning with remorse, for they will have to account for each life, every bit of pain, and every last drop of blood which was shed because of them.

41. I will not only have them account for what they have done to other lives but also for what they have done to their own lives and to their bodies. Who can say that he has come to me in spirit at the exact instant when the clock of eternity called him? No one, for you often shorten your existence by aging prematurely, consumed at times by causes which are not worthy of one of your tears or one of your white hairs.

42. My justice is perfect and unyielding, and it originates from the pure love of your Creator, who only asks you to leave the pleasures of the world to come to hear my word. The Master gladly opens his book of perfect teachings to delight you with a new lesson. How often one of my laws alone has been capable of saving you. Here your spirit has awakened and become aware of the mission which it received from the beginning.

43. I have found your hearts guarding useless seeds gathered on earth, but your heart will now be converted into a granary where you will keep the good fruit of your deeds of charity.

44. Among the multitudes of great sinners come those who have greatly stained their spirits with their sensuous desires, who have dishonored their brethren, who have disrespected the elderly, who have robbed others, who have stained the innocence of a child, and murdered a fellow human being either physically or morally.

45. Coming to hear me are those who disrespect the home, who ridicule divine and human laws, and who take away the faith from the human heart. When they hear my word, which touches the most sensitive part of their hearts, they say: It is the Judge who speaks, but how gently he makes us understand our errors and how tenderly he teaches and corrects us. And when those individuals have left the house of prayer where they heard this voice, they seem to see life and everything around them not only illuminated by the natural light, but bathed in a divine light, which speaks to man through all of creation. The individual who previously lead a materialistic life filled with physical pleasures and sin, but who now has become purified, then witnesses a marvelous life appear before his presence. His spirit witnesses the appearance of a new life never seen before, a life filled with revelations, promises, and inspirations. This is a miracle of love, not only of words, because frequently men are able to speak much more eloquently and perfectly that these humble and illiterate spokesmen through who I have communicated; however, the essence that is contained in these words could only have come from the Divine Love.

46. Few have listened to my word in this form. But truly I say to you that all of humanity is listening to my voice within the spiritual sanctuary which exists in every spirit, even though the human mind is unaware of these inspirations or the person is unable to verbally express all that he is continually receiving through his spiritual gifts. Once you are spiritually prepared, you will confirm this truth.

47. In this Third Era, Elijah is the Shepherd who daily rescues you from dangers. He is the one who enters into your bedroom when you pray, the one who accompanies you in the lonely desert, and the one who follows you on long journeys. Wherever you need someone to defend you, or a voice to give you courage, there is Elijah, the Spiritual Shepherd of the Third Era.

48. If you want to know where Elijah dwells, I will tell you that he dwells in the spiritual mansion. Which one of you could elevate yourself to perceive him in that mansion? No one yet; that is why he comes to you to prepare the ways which lead to your hearts, so that the Divine Master will arrive to illuminate your entire being. You should not believe that I only descend toward those who seek me in a pure or perfect manner. No, I come seeking everyone who seeks me, including those who kneel in front of idols as well as the one who visualizes me through forms and ideas which are far from the truth. Each one seeks me according to the capacity of his spirit, and I am not going to extinguish any faith which he might have concerning the existence of God.

49. It is my will that humanity communicate with me from spirit to Spirit in this era; thus, men can erect a true sanctuary in their hearts where they can hear the voice of the Father.

50. To attain that level of spirituality, men will have to engage in great religious battles, which will cause the backward spirits to awaken, and help them to perceive the divine truth.

51. Do you not believe that the time has come for men to offer true worship and tribute to God, a worship that is worthy of the one who receives it and the one who offers it? If you study or observe the different kingdoms of nature, you will find in them an infinite number of examples, lessons, and parables worthy for you to imitate. I do not mean to imply that inferior beings are your masters, but I do say to you that nature, and life as a whole, is a book whose author is God. I have opened that book before men so that in it they will observe my perfection, my love, and my justice, not through words but through deeds.

52. Do not seek me in books that contain false knowledge, nor in your theories, which generally contain errors due to the materialism in which man lives. You have been allowed to walk along every path fully enjoying your free will. Today, I come to ask you to pause along the way and meditate for a few moments on the things that you have learned in life, on all that you have seen, felt, and suffered along the long road which you have traveled. Truly, truly, I say to you that whoever takes advantage of that light will discover the truth which will lead him to his own origin. I am the Way; I am the Alpha and the Omega.

53. I am the Master of simplicity, the one who comes to speak to you as an intimate friend, in the most familiar of languages, in order to clarify mysteries and reveal secrets to you which until now had been hidden from your human knowledge.

54. Give your spirit the opportunity to rejoice in those things that are divine and in the practice of those laws which govern it. Do not consider this life as the only one, nor material work as the only means to achieve satisfaction. Do not enclose yourself within the love of your family, for your family extends beyond that. Selfishness is not a seed of God.

55. Men have loved this life so much that when the time comes to depart from earth, they rebel against my will and ignore that I am calling them. They reject the peace of my kingdom and ask the Father for more time on earth in order to continue possessing their temporary possessions.

56. Learn to be sensitive so that you will intuitively become aware of the spiritual life; do not be satisfied with your life on earth which marks the beginning of your spiritual evolution because beyond this world there are superior things created by God.

57. Do not try to reject death when it is my will for you to depart from earth. Also, you should not seek the man of science attempting to miraculously prolong your existence, thus opposing my will, for you will both weep bitterly over that error. Prepare yourself in this life, and you will have no reason to fear your entry into the hereafter.

58. When one of your loved ones departs for the spiritual valley, you weep instead of being filled with peace, failing to realize that he is getting one step closer toward his Lord. On the other hand, you celebrate when a new baby comes to your home without realizing at that moment that the spirit has come to fulfill a restitution in this valley of tears. It is then when you should weep for that spirit.

59. When will you begin to feel for strangers what you feel toward your own immediate family? From only one matrimony there emerged numerous beings that make up this humanity, which soon divided itself into families, tribes, towns, and nations, and from which emerged the differences in customs, languages and religions. These differences created hatred and separated people from each other; wars and jealousies arose. The seed of Cain has produced much fruit. But now that the spirit has evolved and your knowledge has increased, why do you continue to see each other as strangers, hating and killing one another? Today, you know that all spirits were born from my Divine Spirit, and that all human beings descended from one pair of human beings, which makes you brothers in spirit and also in blood.

60. When you do not feel the pain of your fellow man, who is a part of you, you are indeed far from the true path! You see someone go by whom you have never seen before, and considering him a stranger, you do not greet him. Yet, if you see a funeral procession go by, you remove your hats. Why do you not dedicate your attention, love, and charity toward those who are alive? Although I have wanted for mankind to eliminate the boundaries and differences that exist on earth through their love for one another, men have not wanted to do that. Do you want those boundaries to be erased through the shedding of human blood so that humanity will become united? Do you want war to unite the races? From the beginning of time, I prepared a nation of people to recognize and love me so that it would be like a torch among humanity. Those people has been strong at times but weak in others. Today, I have had those people return to earth to have the prophecies fulfilled. Those are the people who have spiritually received the three testaments. When they discovered that I was communicating through human spokesmen in this period, they did not dare deny me publicly since they spiritually remembered that in the Second Era they cried out, Crucify the impostor, after which they had to weep bitterly. Today, many of them have believed in my return while others have not; but these will also believe after my departure in 1950, because they will observe my prophecies being fulfilled. Then they will say to me, Lord, when you spoke to me I doubted, but now that you have departed and I observe your word fulfilled, I believe in you.61. Before this manifestation ceases, those whom you call foreigners will arrive. Without clearly understanding this word, due to the differences in languages, they will feel that their spirits are filled with peace and nourished by my divine essence, for it will be my love that they will feel in their hearts, and you already know that love is the spiritual language. Those individuals will also arise to follow me, for my people are scattered throughout the world.

62. I have come to you in this period in the midst of a storm. The rainbow of peace has not yet appeared; the dove has not arrived with its olive branch. But the time will come when I, the true Love among all loves, can say to all men, Here I am. Then all individuals will see me and become united. Today, I am still judging the living and the dead.

63. In the Third Era I have left the tomb of the forgotten in which humanity has held me in order to resurrect humanity, for I am life. No one can die; even the one who suddenly takes his life by his own hand will hear his conscience ask him to account for his lack of faith.

64. I want you to form a family, a nation of people who are healthy spiritually and physically.

65. When will the elevation of Abel, the obedience of Abraham, the strength of Jacob, the patience of Job, and spirituality of John appear among you? Recognize your responsibilities in the world.

66. Men: Stay away from the vices of the world so that you will be able to produce fertile seeds that will produce good fruit in the future.

67. Women: I am preparing you to give to the world children that carry with their spirit peace and good will. To those of you who are sterile I say, Pray; do not be embarrassed by your restitution. Be accepting, and I will surprise you by having you feel the beat of a new being in your wombs.

68. Give birth to perfect children imitating your Creator who has only formed perfect beings, and obey the divine mandate which asks you to love one another. My Peace be with you!

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