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The Book of the true Life 2

Teaching 54

The Lord says:

1. Blessed are those who leave their material benefits to hear me.

2. Those who have taken advantage of my lessons have become strong. When they find themselves surprised by an ordeal, they have meditated and prayed, instead of becoming desperate. During those moments they feel divinely inspired by a ray of light that illuminates the path of their spiritual evolution.

3. Truly I say to you that whoever knows how to prepare and strengthen himself, utilizing my divine law, can go forth through storms or across fire. Once again I say to those who have faithfully triumphed over the ordeals which they have confronted: Do not fall spiritually asleep because other ordeals will arrive and you will need to be prepared. There many individuals who at the end of a great trial, when the journey is close to its end, have been close to falling under the weight of the cross; but in those moments I have spoken to them encouraging them to reach the end which is near.

4. If you believe that the trials of life occur by chance, it will be difficult for you to become spiritually strong. However, if you understand the true meaning of restitution, justice, and atonement, then your faith will help you to evolve spiritually and to develop patience so that you will triumph over your ordeals.

5. I am pleased to test your spirits in different ways because I am forming, molding, and perfecting them. Therefore, I use everything and everyone in that process. I use the righteous as well as the wicked as instruments; I use those who are enlightened as well as those who lack enlightenment as my servants. That is why I say to you that when you find yourselves in a difficult situation, think of me, of your Divine Master, who will lovingly explain the reason for that ordeal.

6. There are chalices from which everyone must drink, some later, some before, so that everyone comes to understand and love me. Misery, illness, slander, and dishonor are very bitter chalices from which many individuals must drink, not only sinners. Remember that in the Second Era Jesus, the most righteous of all human beings, drank the most bitter chalice of which you can conceive. The obedience, the humility, and the love with which one drinks the chalice of pain will lighten the cross and shorten the trial.

7. The world is a school for spirits; your body is only an instrument. On earth you ascend the different steps of the ladder of spiritual perfection through which spirits elevate themselves to reach me. They ascend that ladder through their merits on earth, through their determination to reach the Father, and by the love they have shed on their brothers. The one who does not travel that path of struggle will not only not know who his Creator is but will not even know himself.

8. Whoever denies his destiny is rejecting the title of Child of my Divinity; if he does not believe in my existence, he can not have faith in my love.

9. If life has been excessively bitter and painful for some individuals, be aware that this existence is not the only one. Although your life on earth appears to be long, in reality it is not. I am the only one who knows the destiny of each of my children.

10. I have not told you that you must obey this word. I have only told you: Seek the truth; search for love; pursue peace; and if you find this in my teaching which you now hear, then remain. But if you do not find it here, continue to seek elsewhere.

11. I am manifesting myself before each one of you, sometimes through your hearts and at other times in your spirits.

12. Hearing my voice of forgiveness, those who were dead to the life of grace will resurrect and arise from their spiritual confusion to fulfill my law which says, Love one another. Forgiveness comes from love, and if forgiveness does not exist, there will be no repentance nor good works; therefore, there will be no redemption.

13. Many of those who are spiritually dead must wander throughout the world awaiting physical death to arrive before my presence. They will then hear the voice of the Lord that will caress them and help them to arise to the true life! What hope for salvation could they have had on earth if they believed that their sins were unforgivable and that they would be eternally lost, even though they felt that they could truly repent and make restitution for their sins?

14. Spiritual beings who had lost all hope for salvation have arrived before my presence, as well as other beings who have been sentenced to death on earth by men of science. I, who posses life, have saved those beings from their physical death. There are individuals on earth to whom I have entrusted the spiritual and physical well-being of all people. What are those individuals doing? Are they simply ignoring the high destiny that the Lord has entrusted to them to fulfill? Must I, who sent them with a message of health and life to earth, continually receive their victims?

15. Now that you come to lay your sorrow before me and ask me for strength, I say to you, Trust in me and you will be comforted. Not everyone is hearing my word as you do, but all spirits are endowed with my strength and my light. You are the ones who weaken and allow yourselves to be overcome by trials.

16. Only I, your Father, hear and understand your hearts. You have not yet found true love among one another. I also ask you not to seek images or symbols to grant you relief. Learn to pray with the spirit; awaken the sensitive fibers of your beings in order to feel my presence and enjoy my love. Do not feel that you are a stranger in the presence of your Father. Have you, perhaps, separated so far from me that you no longer recognize me?

17. I observe in this time that men are accustomed to an unvirtuous life, to low passions that are present everywhere, and that from a very early age children lose their innocence and eat from forbidden fruits. Humanity has walked toward the path of evil and proceeds to weaken and descend from generation to generation. That is why I have come again to manifest myself among you.

18. Pray and understand my word. Do not pray only for yourself but also for your brothers. Pray for those who you know and those who you do not know, including those on earth and those in the spiritually valley.

19. You do not know the spiritual poverty in which humanity lives today. It is necessary for this multitude to intercede and battle on behalf of humanity so that all beings will become spiritually enlightened.

20. Cleanse those who have become stained; make them aware of their spiritual gifts and lead them as small children, bringing them to me. You will find many who are ill along your path and who will not be cured by science. On the other hand, you will find among yourselves the manner in which to heal them. You will heal them with your love and with your good influence. Also, encourage them to renew their lives and inform them of my doctrine. Thus, they will discover that spiritual peace is the true healing balsam. They will then come to realize that healing occurs when one fulfills his duties on earth and learns to love his brethren.

21. I do not want my children to miss the opportunity of becoming saved. If the great sinners seek me with humility and repentance, I will forgive their faults and offer them the opportunity to amend their lives. I am summoning those who greatly sin to help them attain salvation.

22. I have inspired the hearts of young men and women to form new generations, for which I am purifying them. If they know how to fulfill the mission which I have entrusted to them with their children, and if they prepare and lead those spirits along the path of righteousness, I will communicate with them. And you will support those new generations and they will continue with this work.

23. Preserve the divine charity which I leave among you. In a short time there will be those who wish to keep my work from advancing, but there will be others who, having requested my help, will receive a miracle, and although not being my disciples they will offer testimony of me and will say, The Lord has healed me. Others will say, I had lost what was dearest to me and He has returned it.

24. Do not wish to defend my work with false testimonies, neither lie at any time, for I have not taught you to lie. My deeds are always clear, and if you know how to interpret them, you will find in them my love and charity for all of humanity.

25. When you hear foolish words, be silent just as Jesus was silent before the pharisees. But do not fear if your clothes are torn into shreds; I will defend you and dignify you in the presence of your brothers. This humanity that judges you will know that you have not mistaken the path but that you have come closer to me. Be careful of your deeds and fear only the Eternal Judge that always watches you.

26. With humility and spirituality you will tell your brethren that you have heard me, and many of those individuals will be converted. If your brethren fail to understand your words, be silent and forgive them. If you attain harmony between your physical body and your spirit and fulfill my law, you will achieve grace for all of humanity.

27. Remember, my blessed people, that I have told you in all houses of prayer that the times of pain, of trial, and of justice for humanity is approaching. These events will help to purify humanity. I also announce to you that after that time there will be joy on earth.

28. You have heard these messages for years. They are lessons with which I prepare you as my disciples, so that tomorrow you might know how to shed light in the lives of your brothers, those who are on earth as well as those in the spiritual valley, to guide them toward the righteous path. My will is that your good example becomes a seed for future generations. May the revelations that I have given you strengthen your spirits in my wisdom and also help you to become more virtuous by removing all evil which has been a part of your being for so long. Nevertheless, with sadness I tell you that you do not feel my word, that you are spiritually asleep with regard to these manifestations and that your deeds do not offer testimony of my teaching.

29. I have wanted you to all form one single heart, one single will, but I see that you persist in not being united.

30. I have told you that I manifest myself in all of your houses of prayer as one God who loves you all in the same way. Nevertheless, some among this multitude continue to deny that others possess the truth and gifts. How can you believe that you honor my doctrine in that way?

31. You should seek to please and serve me not only with the attitudes that you maintain in these houses of prayer but with all your deeds in life. Up to now you have not followed my spiritual law nor the material law and you continue to be the small children who do not want to grow. Do you not want Christ, the one who said, I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, to continue to guide you? Do you not want love to save you, to make you strong, serene, and firm so that during the times of difficulties and trials it might lift you and protect you?

32. Be aware that I have given you the knowledge to dominate the elements of nature , a knowledge which surpasses all human science, but you have not known how to respond like meek sheep to my voice. Do you assume that with your disobedience those elements will obey you like submissive servants?

33. Do you see why it is necessary that you listen to my teachings and truly analyze them, feel them, and practice them? I have told you to be alert and pray so that pain does not surprise you, but you have not wanted to be alert or pray. When you have endured ordeals, you have believed that I have punished you or abandoned you. It is only then that you remember to pray, to ask me not to leave you. O people, if you only understood that I do not abandon you and that you are the ones who forget me! You should know that there is not one single second in which I am not giving you something and that, on the other hand, you often live an entire lifetime without giving me anything.

34. I am giving you these lessons to let you know that I am always with you, that I hear everything, that I know everything, so that you do not reject my gifts nor feel alone and sad in your ordeals.

35. Many of you on earth behave like ungrateful children who ignore the advice of their parents. You foolishly follow the uncertain paths of life, but later, having stumbled a great deal and becoming disillusioned, you weep and repent. Then you say, "Oh, if I had only listened to my parents, I would not have known so much pain nor departed so far from the path!"

36. Sometimes it is already too late when they recognize their error. They find themselves surprised by death, which does not permit them to return to their parent's home, and fall on their knees before those whose authority they had rejected.

37. Those who depart in that manner experience great sorrow because they are unable to go weeping to their parents asking for forgiveness and to hear their parents offering them words of forgiveness.

38. At times when you think about these trials, you say, How is it possible for God in his perfect justice to not allow that individual, who has truly repented and recognized his mistake, to experience that moment of happiness? And I answer that it is not the body that should receive that grace but the spirit, for whom there will always be time to cleanse those stains as well as to harvest the fruit of its repentance.

39. In order for your spirits not to become lost during their difficult journey on earth, they have been endowed with a superior light, which is a conscience. Furthermore, the world has always been illuminated with the light of my doctrine and my revelations, from the first days of your existence on earth to eternity.

40. I have always enlightened you, so that when your spirits depart from earth to return to the spiritual valley they can live in elevated mansions.

41. My beloved people, whom I have utilized as instruments for my manifestation in this period, spiritualize yourselves so that when you come to be true interpreters of my word, you may do so with your thoughts, your lives, and your words. Be aware that you will need to set examples so that humanity will believe in me.

42. Who among you will be the great spirits who will lead the multitudes toward true spirituality? Spirituality, which means elevation, must manifest itself through the mind and feelings in order for humanity to attain salvation.

43. Disciples, great deeds require individuals with elevated minds and pure hearts; develop your spiritual gifts and be great. Why do I ask unity of you, my people? Because I know that, due to a lack of brotherhood among men, a destructive war is approaching. Therefore, I want you to be vigilant, forming a nation of peace, an army of soldiers at the service of goodness. If you rise up to fulfill this mission, carry me into your hearts, for without me you will not be able to accomplish nothing. Who am I? Christ. And who is Christ? The love of God. For the reason I say, Take me with you and you will not die; rather you will triumph over all difficulties and will conquer eternity.

44. Do not forget that only those who are humble will manifest divine powers; those powers will never manifest themselves in order to flatter human vanities.

45. It is true that many continue to stain their spirits, but do not judge them, for they do not know what they do. I will also save those individuals. It does not matter that they have now forgotten me or replaced me with false gods that they have created in the world. I will also take them to my kingdom, even if they have presently forgotten about the gentle Christ who offered his life to teach humanity his doctrine of love; those individuals have forgotten about Christ because they are now following false prophets.

46. To the Father no one is evil; no one can be evil because all beings were born from me. I granted my children the gift of free will, thus many of them have chosen to be rebellious, violent, blind, and commit mistakes. However, all of them will become spiritually enlightened, and my charity will guide them along the path of salvation.

47. Today the power of the material body and the influence of the world have made you selfish. But the material body is not eternal, neither is the world nor its influence. I am the patient judge whose justice reigns over life and time. Do not judge those who deny me, for I will find you guiltier than I find them.

48. Did I ever lift my voice to judge my executioners? Did I not bless them with love and humility? If only you knew that many of those who were temporarily lost in the world because of that fault are purified in spirit today!

49. Be aware of how my word comes to guide and lead you. I give it to you because I love and seek all of you. Do not wait for the ordeals to surprise you when you are spiritually asleep and confused because then you will experience great suffering. You still do not know my plan of salvation; therefore, you simply must trust and obey me.

50. Do you see how humble my word is, how insignificant are the servants through whom I transmit my voice, and how poor is the environment where I manifest myself? Do not be surprised to know that in this era this doctrine will be the one to rule and guide the destiny of all humanity.

51. I have manifested my divine thoughts through human spokesmen. They have translated my thoughts into human words and phrases to create a spiritual doctrine filled with revelations and perfect teachings.

52. This is the promised Comforter, this is that Spirit of Truth that was announced as coming to tell you everything. The preparation is about to begin; the time is coming when you will need guidance from those who are spiritually strong; those beings with noble and simple hearts will use their wisdom and charity to guide you.53. The multitudes need those who know how to be strong during ordeals, those who are accustomed to the great battles of the world and of the spirit. They are the ones who will be able to guide and lead humanity, for in their hearts there will be no desire to control or dominate anyone. There will be no selfishness in their hearts, for when they elevate themselves to communicate with the Lord they will feel his charity and love, so that they might offer that same charity to their brothers.

54. If you do not unite, you will not know how to reply to humanity. If you do not unite, you will not know how to defend yourselves from their attacks. The battle will soon come, and it is necessary for you to prepare and protect yourself by strengthening your faith and becoming spiritually enlightened. By then you will know how to forgive those who offend you, knowing that those wounds are caused by your brothers through sheer ignorance.

55. When the battle comes, I want you to respond to the offenses of your brothers with your forgiveness and your love.

56. Take your cross also, or do you perhaps believe that the cross of Christ is not heavy? The missions of those who follow me will not be small nor easy; the easy deeds are for those who are weak in spirit, for hearts empty of love.

57. There is no time left to waste because the time approaches in which the strong will arise from among this multitude. They will arise to prepare the paths that will guide you to attain peace and serenity, thus enabling you to feel my spirit more closely.

58. Among the multitudes I see those who, happy to experience and understand my inspiration, prepare for that battle. They know that only truth, spirituality, and love can be the weapons used to triumph.

59. Come to me. Answer the loving call made by your Father so that you may distance yourself from the dark paths of pain or ignorance and be filled with my peace and my light. Thus, you may do the same for your fellow beings.

60. I have not only come to give you duties and responsibilities; I have also come to dry your tears and listen to your grievances.

61. Today, you seek your Savior, and I come to help you with the cross. But before you complete your journey in this world, you will have taken the good news to all regions.

62. Man does not live by bread alone, and this world is spiritually hungry. Therefore, you can offer your brothers this nourishment which I have given you.

63. My doctrine is the path which teaches you to live in peace on earth, and which will bring you close to the Father when you live in spirit. Where is the brotherhood I have taught men? It does not exist on earth because from the beginning you have allowed the weeds to grow among the wheat; a lack of love and disharmony flourishes among men; they have not recognized one another as brothers in God, but nevertheless, they claim to recognize me and even love me.

64. There are lords and servants, judges and criminals, executioners and victims, and all are brothers. The commotion caused by my word in this period will be great because it will come as a judge among all spirits.

65. Be alert and pray, disciples, so that you will feel my presence, for if you are spiritually asleep, your spirit will suffer greatly when you awaken. Listen to my word so that nothing surprises you, and when the paths are prepared and different countries open their doors, you will be ready to fulfill your mission. Then you will be ready to offer words of nourishment and life to those who anxiously seek them. Likewise, the multitudes who are suffering and who pass by your front door should always find it open.

66. It is no longer the time for you to continue to participate in the pleasures of the world. It is time for you to live with all of your senses and powers fully awakened; you need to be attentive to everything which is said to you and all things that surround you. The time that you have to remain on earth is very short, and you must take advantage of the remaining moments that you have. To those who prepare themselves, nothing will go by unnoticed, whether they are human events, signs in nature, or spiritual manifestations. The one who is prepared will perceive great wonders so that he can explain, teach, and foretell events to those individuals who do not see, nor feel, nor understand.

67. Beloved people, be aware what great joy a spirit will experience knowing that it served as a guide, counselor, or helper to its brothers during its journey on earth. This is your mission: be strong, righteous, and obedient to my law in order to serve as a guiding light to your fellow beings.

68. When will this humanity become similar to an immense flower whose petals are your hearts and whose fragrance is your love for me?

69. When you observe the things that are happening on earth during this time of hardship, in which human ambitions and hatred are being fully manifested, you will think these words that I say to you are no more than a divine dream. But I warn you that if I accepted the cross you offered me in the Second Era, and now have come to you in a cloud, it is because I know that the seed of my love will triumph over human imperfection. Why do you doubt that I can save you? Do you believe that Christ has uselessly shed his blood on Calvary and that he taught you nothing? Do you believe my new manifestation has no purpose? Truly I say to you, God can not make mistakes, nor can he fail in his mission of love.

70. You observe that human perversity is very great, and the power of evil practiced by men seems terrible to you. Nevertheless, I say to you that those things are very weak when compared to the power of my justice and when placed before my Divinity which is master of all destiny, life, death, and all of creation.

71. Men have made a hell out of this blessed and generous earth, for they have taken all of the forces and elements which I surrounded them for life and used them to cause death. In spite of that, I can tell you that whoever repents and, understanding his error, dedicates himself to repairing it will soon come to the spiritual doors of the true paradise; there the Angel of the Lord will lay down his sword and have him pass into the eternal mansion of peace where the love of the Father will give him the reward promised to all men of good will. My Peace be with you!

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