A Great Harvest in the midst of great Desolations…

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The Lord explains… A great Harvest in the midst of great Desolations… SALVATION & JUDGMENT

October 22, 2007 – From YahuShua HaMashiach, Jesus The Christ, Our Lord and Savior – The Word of The Lord spoken to Timothy, for Osaro, and for All Those Who Have Ears to Hear… Regarding Africa

[Timothy] The Lord will yet bring many more, calling them to arise and serve. For The Lord will make a great harvest in your land, Osaro… A GREAT harvest.

Thus says The Messiah, who is called Christ… Blessed are all those who wait eagerly for My Coming… Blessed are all Those who keep watch… I shall bless them with a multitude of blessings, a great fulfilling of My Spirit in them.

Lo, they shall stand up and march across these desolate lands… They shall stand up! Says The Lord of Hosts. And I shall bless them and bring glory to My name!

For I, Your Lord and Shepherd, have heard the cries of My beloved in your land… Their wailing has reached Heaven!… NO MORE! Says The Lord… THEY ARE MINE!

And I shall surely take them out from under the hand of the oppressor, the high man and the murderer… Behold, they shall surely be gone from this place! Says The Lord.

And to YOU, O insolent and evil-hearted men of satan and Ishmael, I say this… I shall destroy you in one swift stroke! Even by the word of My mouth shall you be cut asunder! For I have looked upon you, O kings, chief princes and men in authority, adopted sons of Ishmael; I have beheld your image… You will not turn!

You have forsaken The One TRUE God! Behold, you cease not from persecuting Me! For I have seen how you tread upon the backs of the poor and afflict the needy, with a continual stroke!

And so The Father has declared your end! And He shall not repent!… JUDGMENT! Says The Lord.