Trumpet Call of God Volume 7

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V7/01 To the Nation once called of itself ‘Under God’

V7/02 The Day of Slaughter, the Day of Glory

V7/03 Servants arise! The Kingdom of Men is finished

V7/04 To All, who speak against the Lord’s Words

V7/05 The Time has come

V7/06 Salvation is given and must be received

V7/07 The Lord has spoken and will not repent

V7/08 The Light has gone out of the Churches of Men

V7/09 Mistranslation & Misinterpretation leading to great Obscurity

V7/10 The Image toppled & destroyed…All is uprooted, the Sanctuary cleansed

V7/11 The Prophets are sent out… True & False

V7/12 A Day of thick Clouds, Darkness and bitter Sorrows…The Day of The Lord

V7/13 A Great Harvest in the midst of great Desolations…

V7/14 Israel is Mine! Watchmen sound the Trumpet

V7/15 I shall tear down, uproot and destroy

V7/16 Recompense

V7/17 Thus says The Lord to the United States and to all the Churches

V7/18 I am The Lord! I have defeated the World…

V7/19 Look up! For the Beginning of the End has come

V7/20 I am The Lord…I have purged

V7/21 Thus says The Lord against the Properity Preachers

V7/22 Grace and the Law

V7/23 You shall not use Grace as a Sword…

V7/24 God’s Will… Obama shall lead you… Says The Lord

V7/25 Obey the Commandments

V7/26 The Voice of Truth

V7/27 Let All in the Earth partake of My Word

V7/28 Thus says The Lord against the United States…

V7/29 Yahushua… The Everlasting Stone

V7/30 Shout His Name

V7/31 WOE to the Megachurches of Men

V7/32 Judgment & Harvest

V7/33 Woe to Those who bear False Witness in the Lord’s Name…

V7/34 The Master’s Table

V7/35 Repent! For the Time is at Hand & Judgment must now reign

V7/36 Recompense, Wrath & Glory

V7/37 Thus Says The Lord against Dallas & Las Vegas

V7/38 Woe to Dallas

V7/39 Thus Says The Lord to the Churches and to Their selfappointed Apostles

V7/40 Who among You, o Israel, have fasted unto Me

V7/41 Predestined in the Beloved

V7/42 The King of Glory

V7/43 Sons of the Kingdom… Witnesses in the Day of the Lord

V7/44 The Lord has purposed

V7/45 My Hand shall strike you down! Says The Lord

V7/46 Churches of Men… Hear the Word of the Lord

V7/47 Who are the 144000 Witnesses? Roaring Lions during the Tribulation

V7/48 As I am, so shall it be with Those I am sending…

V7/49 The fatherless Widow

V7/50 The Word of My Mouth

V7/51 Warn them from Me… Says The Lord

V7/52 My Witnesses & My Word

V7/53 I can wait no longer

V7/54 My Hand is outstretched, the World is given up

V7/55 Be completely separate, set yourselves aright and prepare

V7/56 Wake up! The Time is now!

V7/57 A great Forsaking

V7/58 I am come out of My Sanctuary

V7/59 Enemies of Israel, come forth

V7/60 The World shall be shaken

V7/61 I shall bring My Hand against all Nations

V7/62 The Voice of The Almighty God

V7/63 Sons of Service

V7/64 I Alone sit as Judge… Says The Lord

V7/65 Prophecy from God regarding Abortion…My Anger runs deep

V7/66 Lost Sheep

V7/67 If you embrace the Bible, yet reject these Letters…

V7/68 O mighty and perverse Nation, take your Fill!

V7/69 The One who stays, lets

V7/70 The Wedding Supper

V7/71 Blow the Trumpet, sound the Alarm, The Holy One of Israel comes

V7/72 Let the Redeemed of the Lord come running

V7/73 The Heart of the Lord burns in His Anger

V7/74 The Lord gives…Behold, The Lord also takes away

V7/75 I shall remove My Hand and My Spirit shall be withdrawn

V7/76 The Sword comes

V7/77 A Day of Slaughter

V7/78 I will defend My People Israel

V7/79 Vengeance is Mine…I shall repay

V7/80 The Diviners divine false Visions

V7/81 Churches of Men… You have robbed Me! Says The Lord

V7/82 The King Eternal

V7/83 The Alarm of War

V7/84 Depart from Me

V7/85 Captive Children…A Lamentation

V7/86 Proclaim the Name of the Lord

V7/87 My Word is Fire

V7/88 I am calling you out! Come out of the Churches… Says The Lord

V7/89 The Last Trumpet before the Time

V7/90 The Holy Place