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Chapter 108


108,1. (Say I): "I agree with you, My dearest Chanchah, that these and numerous other questions are quite excusable. But just as on earth, here, too, everything must take its time.

108,2. On earth, the children are the ones who are most fond of sweetmeats and are most inquisitive. They seem to be hungry all the time and want to know everything in detail, constantly asking questions. Do you think it would be good for these little ones to overload their stomachs with all the things they crave for? And would it be good to satisfy their curiosity by answering all their questions?

108,3. Wise parents curb their children and guide them in a natural and modest way towards the fine goal of maturity, whereas foolish parents, those who grant all their children's wishes, make of them apes instead of men. Their overfed flesh becomes oversensuous and their spirit indolent and, eventually, quite indifferent to all that is sublime, good, and true. You have seen innumerable examples of this in your country on earth, I'm sure.

108,4. The same applies here, too. No one could benefit from enjoying and understanding everything right away. This must come gradually in accordance with the receptivity of each individual. Guided like this, the youngest children here grow stronger and stronger, and are thus prepared eventually for the conception of the Most High.

108,5. Thus you, too, together with all the others here, are being guided by the three of us. Therefore, submit patiently to everything and you will soon be able to find complete answers to all your questions yourself. Are you now satisfied?"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-108 Chapter