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Chapter 134


134,1. (Whilst Martin is engrossed in his thoughts, Chorel approaches John and Peter, and says): "Dear friends of the Lord, you most enlightened brothers and associates of divine wisdom and love, forgive me for daring to bother you with a question. I had already asked Borem this question, but his answer was evasive and I could not understand him. Therefore, I am now turning to you, hoping for more depth and clarity than I received from Borem."

134,2. (Says John): "Brother, you need not ask us at all what you want to know and understand, for we have known it for quite a while and shall give you a clear answer right away.

134,3. You would like to know whether the blessed dwellers in the heavens will ever be able to see the earth again as it is and to watch the further development of its history. You have often asked yourself this question on earth:

134,4. 'Will I be able, after shedding the flesh, to see this beautiful earth again, with its streams and lakes, its seas, mountains, valleys, and all the other many splendors? Will I see all the new developments taking place in its history of rise and fall? Will I perhaps even be able to exert any influence on it?'

134,5. To this I answer you: Everything is at the disposal of the blessed of the Lord. All of us are the Lord's, and so is the earth with all that is on and in it. Since we are His children, why should our Father, Who gives us such great things, withhold from us even the smallest? Should He, Who gives us seas of His love and grace to drink, deny us a dewdrop?

134,6. You are now walking on the real true sun, seeing its splendors ~ and will soon be seeing much greater ones. If you can see these, how much more likely is it that you will be able to see those of the smaller earth? But then, if somebody is residing in a palace affording him all freedom, comfort, and pleasure he could wish for, would he still want to have a place in the dwelling of a criminal, in a prison full °f pestilence and death or even wish to watch such a place of death? Would you like to leave the sun now and descend to the earth?"

134,7. (Says Chorel): "Oh no, brother, I would not ever want to leave these celestial fields or the most holy presence of the Lord Who is so boundlessly kind, loving, mild, and gentle - not for a trillion of earths! I am quite satisfied with the thought that I could have a look at earth whenever I feel like it, but I shall not likely make use of such ability. I thank you from all my heart, dear brother, for giving me this good explanation. May the Lord bless you for your kindness."

134,8. (Says John): "All thanks, praise, and honor is due to none but the Lord! Go now back to Borem. I have to look after Martin, for in a moment we shall have reached the valley and its fair inhabitants."

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-134 Chapter