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Chapter 135


135,1. While Chorel is returning to his friend Borem, Martin, still engrossed in his thoughts, notices the vast expanse of the valley strewn with magnificent parks, palaces, and temples. He also notices that from one of the temples a big crowd of extremely beautiful human beings is approaching them. This sight quickly brings him back to reality and he says to John and Peter:

135,2. (Martin): "At last, as I can see, we have practically reached our destination. How beautiful all this looks, my dear brothers. I find the splendor and beauty of this area breathtaking.

135,3. And there is a big procession of sun-dwellers already coming to meet us. I can see the ones in front quite clearly. They are infinitely beautiful and so is their attire. Oh, oh, the nearer they get, the greater becomes their beauty! If this continues, I can say already that I will not be able to bear their nearness unless the Lord strengthens me for it.

135,4. I wonder what turn this battle of wisdom will take? I can rather imagine it, considering my already trembling knees.

135,5. If these people have good eyes, they must be able to recognize already from a distance what a stupid and sensual chap is coming toward them. No doubt, I and my wisdom will afford them a rare pleasure! I can see the profound wisdom in their eyes, whilst in my eyes there is nothing but a vast amount of stupidity! Oh, what a meeting this will be!

135,6. Oh, brothers, do step in front of me so these magnificent beings do not catch sight of me suddenly and judge already in advance the full extent of my stupidity!"

135,7. (Says John): "Never mind, even if you have a rather peculiar experience to begin with, eventually you will get more used to these beings. However, be sure to remain earnest, but in your heart still mild and gentle, and you will get on better with them than you now imagine. Although their wisdom is considerable, like all things created, it has its limits. Therefore, brother, have courage, for you will have to learn to bear these splendors at some time, and it will be easier for you now, when the Lord is guiding all of us so lovingly."

135,8. (Says Martin): "Of course, you are right, but this matter is no trifle and is desperately serious. Only a short distance separates us now, so in the name of the Lord, maybe things will not look as dark and threatening close by as they look now from this distance.

135,9. What are these mightily shining hats and garlands these heavenly beautiful virgins, or whatever they may be, are carrying towards us? What are they going to do with them?"

135,10. (Says John): "They are prizes for the very wisest among us, who will be decorated by them after they have tested us. You are already wearing a hat like theirs, which the Lord gave you, but it makes no difference to them. If they find you worthy of a prize, they will unite your hat with theirs into one hat, which, however, will shine much brighter. If they do not consider you worthy of a prize, you will stay as you are now. So pull yourself together so you do not miss out on such a prize!"

135,11. (Says Martin): "Never mind about that, brother, I have never won a prize anywhere, and am not likely to here! But what about my nature and all this beauty, this charm? That will cause the real trouble, brother! But now I must be earnest and taciturn. They are already quite close . . . here they are!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-135 Chapter