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Chapter 25


25,1. We now enter our apartment, which is nicely furnished, but without luxury.

25,2. Bishop Martin is astonished at this unexpected change, and says: "But, dear friends and brothers, whoever has cleaned up and decorated this room so beautifully during our absence? It was poorer before than the most ordinary peasant's dwelling. Now, even the windows seem larger and the tables and chairs are so clean and attractive! Oh, tell me, how has this been achieved?"

25,3. (Say I): "Dear brother, the explanation is simple enough! On earth, if someone wants to redecorate his house, he plans it in his head and then engages various craftsmen and artists to carry out the actual work in accordance with his plans.

25,4. However, on earth, due to the inertia of matter which has to be overcome, this takes much longer than it does here. Here, this obstacle does not exist and thus such a plan becomes a completed task immediately. For what a perfect spirit thinks and wills, is already completed as intended.

25,5. Naturally, in this eternal realm of spirits, the thinking differs considerably from that on earth. There, thinking consists of ideas and pictures taken from worldly notions and the changes they are subjected to. But here, the thinking arises out of the spirit's God-given abilities, awakened by him through active love for God and his neighbor, and enlightened by the Divine Light.

25,6. This apartment is solely the result of your charity toward your fellowmen. But it is still simple, though attractive, because the Divine Light has not yet taken root in you and filled your life. When this happens, you will be fully conscious of the fact and will understand all this. You are still lacking the right cognition of God essential for this, but if your love continues to grow, you will soon have achieved it. Let us now sit down at the table where some refreshment is already waiting for us. So be it!"

25,7. (Bishop Martin): "Yes, yes, so it is! Everything is miraculous here, like a magic table; one has to get used to it, the same as on earth one has to get used to the wonders of nature. It does not worry you if you don't understand them - you just get used to them. The same will probably apply here.

25,8. Anyway, I don't mind not understanding God's miracles. As long as I am kept busy and get some rest and refreshment now and then, as is the case at present, and with you two as company, I could not think of anything better for all eternity.

25,9. I now comprehend God as a real Person Who dwells in an eternally inaccessible light and Who is holy, most holy, almighty and infinitely wise. To know more about Him, the Eternal, I would even consider a deadly sin, and we should just accept with gratitude whatever His kindness provides for us!"

25,10. (Say I): "All right, My dear brother, let us now sit down to our bread and you, Peter, go and fetch the wine-filled cup from over there!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-25 Chapter