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Chapter 5


5,1. When the angel and Martin entered the house, which was furnished very simply, our bishop noticed on a small, triangular table, a Lutheran Bible containing both the Old and New Testaments. This causes him obvious embarrassment.

5,2. (The angel, Peter, notices it and says): "Whatever could Luther have done to you that you not only despise him but, at the same time, also his faithful Bible translation, which contains nothing but the pure Word of God?

5,3. Even if Luther was not in every respect a man of whom one could say, 'He was a man according to God's own heart,' he was still very much better than many from your church who claim to be the most righteous and good men, but are in reality exactly the contrary! He alone had the courage in the midst of the darkest night of Babel to restore to mankind the pure Word of God, thus leading it back into the right path to the Lord.

5,4. Notwithstanding a few errors also on this path as a result of the closeness of Babel [Rome], his teaching of the pure Word of the Lord, compared with Rome's false doctrine, was like the midday sun against the dim light of a will-o'-the-wisp on a dark night!

5,5. If Luther has achieved this in the name of the Lord, tell me, what reason could you possibly have to abuse and despise this worthy man?"

5,6. (Says the bishop): "I do not actually despise him, but you know how it is when one has been a slave of a party for a long time. Gradually an artificial hate is fostered against a person whom your party has constantly cursed and damned. This has also happened to me. However, I hope and expect of God to help me get rid of all the foolishness I have brought with me from my temporal life. Therefore, do not lose patience, I do hope things will improve with me soon."

5,7. (Says the angel Peter): "Oh, brother, it is not I who needs the patience, but you will! You do not know all that you will be faced with as yet, but I do. Therefore, I have to handle you in such a way that will help to fortify you in truth and resistance to the numerous temptations that will confront you on your way to the Lord.

5,8. Look out the window! Do you see the thousands of sheep and lambs running and frisking about?

5,9. Here is a book recording all their names. Take it and call their names. If they recognize the voice of the true shepherd, they will come hurrying to you. If, however, they hear only the voice of a hireling, they will scatter and flee from you. Should that happen, then do not grumble but know that you are a hireling; then another shepherd will come and teach you the right way to call and tend the sheep and lambs.

5,10. Now then, take this book and do as I have advised you!"

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-5 Chapter