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Chapter 6


6,1. Our man, in his peasant's clothes and with the thick book under his arm, goes outside to where the flock had been pointed out to him. In the spiritual distance it had appeared as a flock of sheep and lambs, but seen from up close, these turned out to be pious and gentle people, mainly female spirits who had led godly lives on earth but had thought higher of the Roman clergy than of Me, the Lord. They did not know Me then, nor have they come to know Me here, as yet. This is the reason why, seen from a certain spiritual distance, they still appear as animals, though of the gentlest kind.

6,2. Martin, in a happy mood, sits down on a moss-covered rock and looks around for the sheep. But instead of sheep, he sees only a crowd of the most beautiful maidens running to and fro in a vast meadow, picking flowers and winding pretty garlands.

6,3. At this sight, our man starts wondering: "Isn't it strange? It is the same meadow in which I just saw the sheep and lambs. Now the flock has vanished and, instead, there are now thousands of the sweetest maidens, one lovelier than the next. Honestly speaking, if this is not some sort of delusion, I'd by far prefer this type of flock. However, in this world, one can never trust his senses - in a moment everything may have changed!

6,4. Oh, now they are all coming in my direction, even before I have called their names! But never mind; now 111 be able to have a close look at these fair children to my heart's delight and, maybe, I'll even have a chance of cuddling one or the other. In that case, it wouldn't be so bad at all to be a shepherd of such a wonderfully changed flock in all eternity.

6,5. The closer they approach, the more beautiful they appear. There is one in front - oh, isn't she a beauty! Oh, my moral strength, don't forsake me now! It is as well that silly celibacy doesn't count here, otherwise one could only too easily commit a deadly sin.

6,6. I was told to call them by their names from the book. However, I'd better not do that, for they might then run away. Therefore, my thick register of names shall not be opened for this flock.

6,7. They are coming nearer and nearer, and have almost reached me, the sweet little angels!"

6,8. Look, the "sweet little angels" surround our man, asking him what he is doing there.

Main Page Book Bishop Martin BMAR-6 Chapter