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Chapter 102. – Cyrenius pays court to Tullia. Tullia tests him. A gospel of marriage

102,1. After the recovery Cyrenius spoke again to Tullia: "Tullia! Would you not offer me your hand and become my lawful wife, if I were to ask you this from the bottom of my heart?"

102,2. And Tullia said: "And what would you do to me, if I would refuse?"

102,3. And Cyrenius responded somewhat agitated, but still with all his heart:

102,4. "Then I would sacrifice it to Him, whom you are holding in your arms, after which I would sadly leave!"

102,5. And Tullia asked Cyrenius further, saying: "Then what would you do if I would ask Him, who rests in my arms, for advice about what I should do,

102,6. and if He would advise me against accepting your offer and would tell me to remain loyal to the house, which took me in with such exceeding kindness!?"

102,7. Cyrenius was a bit taken aback by this question, and somewhat embarrassed, he said:

102,8. "Yes indeed my most wonderful Tullia, – then I would have to renounce my request without fail!

102,9. Because mortal man can never oppose the will of Him, whom all the elements must obey!

102,10. But then ask the Infant immediately, so that I will know at the earliest where I stand!"

102,11. Here the Infant sat up straight away and said: "I am not a Lord of that which is of the world; thus you are free in all earthly matters as far as I am concerned.

102,12. If you have discovered true love for each other in your hearts, then you will not break it!

102,13. For there are no other marriage laws for me than the one written in glowing letters in upon your hearts!

102,14. So if at first sight you have both recognized each other and have bonded according to this living law, then if you do not want to sin in front of Me you should no longer separate!

102,15. I recognize no earthly bond of matrimony other than the one of the heart;

102,16. and whoever breaks such a bond is the real adulterer before Me!

102,17. You, my dear Cyrenius, have set your heart so strongly on this daughter; so you should not turn it away from her anymore!

102,18. And you, daughter, if at first sight your heart was already burning for Cyrenius, then you are his wife already before Me, and do not need to become one!

102,19. Because for Me no worldly counsel or consideration is valid, but only the counsel of your hearts.

102,20. Remain faithful to this forever, if you do not want to become real adulterers before Me!

102,21. And accursed is he who for worldly considerations counsels against the affairs of love, which is from Me!

102,22. For what is more: the living love which is from Me, or the worldly motive which is from hell?

102,23. And woe betide the love based on the world; it will be accursed!" –

102,24. These words of the Infant stunned everyone, and nobody dared to say anything further concerning the matter of marriage.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-102 Chapter