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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-103 Chapter

Chapter 103. – The divine Child explains the living marriage law. The love of the mind and the love of the heart. The union of the two lovers through the Infant. Tullia's commitment to the Infant's Divinity.

103,1. And since after the speech of the Infant everyone was still bewildered, with no one daring to say a word, the Infant suddenly opened His mouth again and said:

103,2. "Why do you all stand around Me so sadly? I certainly did not hurt anybody!

103,3. To you, my Cyrenius, I gave what your heart desired, and the same to you, my dear Tullia; what more do you want?

103,4. Am I supposed to sanction the living adultery, while you humans have passed the death sentence onto the dead one?

103,5. What kind of demand would that be?! For is that which occurs in life, not more, than that which is held in the judgment of death?

103,6. I mean, you should really be glad, and not mourn about this because it is so!

103,7. The one who loves, does he love in the heart or in the head?

103,8. You, however, have drawn your marriage laws not from the heart but only from the head!

103,9. But life is only in our hearts and it starts from there into all parts of man, also to the head, which in itself has no life, but is dead.

103,10. And since you already sanction the laws of the head with death, which like the head are dead, how much more fair it is to respect the living eternal laws of the heart!

103,11. So be glad that I, the Living One among you, adhere to the laws of life; for if I did not do so, eternal death would have come over all of you long ago!

103,12. For this I came into the world, that through Me all the works and laws of death shall be destroyed and their place be taken by the ancient laws of life!

103,13. And when I show you in advance what the laws of life as well as those of death are, what suffering have I thus caused you that you grieve, and are afraid of Me as if I would have brought you death instead of life?!

103,14. O you fools! In Me, the old eternal life has come to you; so rejoice and never be sad again!

103,15. And you, my Cyrenius, take the wife which I give you; and you, Tullia, take the husband whom I led to you in all earnestness; and you shall never part!

103,16. But once the death of the body will have separated you, the surviving part shall be free outwardly, but the love shall last forever, Amen."

103,17. These words of the Infant caused great astonishment in everybody;

103,18. and Tullia said, trembling in great awe:

103,19. "O people! This Child is no human child, He is the highest Divinity Himself!

103,20. For no man can talk like this, only a God; only a God who is the basis of life Itself can know the laws of life and awaken them in us!

103,21. We humans are all dead; how could we find the laws of life and apply the same as such?

103,22. O You supremely sacred Infant, only now I clearly recognize what I have vaguely suspected so far: You are the Lord of heaven and of earth for eternity! – All my devotion be to You!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-103 Chapter