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Chapter 105. – Cyrenius' second plea to keep Eudokia. The Infant's refusal. Eudokia's rebellion. The victory of the spirit in Cyrenius. Mary's consoling words to Eudokia.

105,1. When Cyrenius now saw Eudokia opposite Tullia, he found her to be considerably more beautiful than Tullia, and it pained him to separate from her forever.

105,2. So once again, he asked the Infant if he could at least keep her as a maid and a companion for Tullia.

105,3. But the Infant said: "My Cyrenius! You can have as many maids as you want in your house,

105,4. but not Eudokia! You have to leave her here because I want it that way for your own good!"

105,5. When Eudokia saw and learned of all this, how this minor Child replied to Cyrenius authoritatively,

105,6. she was horrified and said: "But for the sake of all the gods, what is all this?! – A minor Child commands the one, before whom Asia and Egypt tremble when he speaks!

105,7. And the great ruler anxiously listens to the firmly commanding Child and bows to his wishes?!

105,8. From what I hear, I should separate from Cyrenius so that someone else can take my place!

105,9. O this will not happen as easily as this minor Child thinks!

105,10. For you, mighty Cyrenius, it would be an utter disgrace if you allow yourself to be ordered around by this Child; so be a man and a Roman!"

105,11. When Cyrenius heard these words from Eudokia, he became agitated and said:

105,12. "Yes, Eudokia! I will show you right now that I am a man and a Roman!

105,13. See, even if this Child whom Tullia is coaxing would not be of divine descent and He would talk to me with nearly such divine wisdom, I would still follow Him!

105,14. But this Child is from the highest divine origin, and so I will follow Him all the more, whatever it is He wants from me!

105,15. Now what would you prefer: to do what this Child of all children demands or to die forever?"

105,16. These words from Cyrenius to Eudokia had a great effect.

105,17. She even began to cry, since she would suddenly have to give up such great splendour,

105,18. but she also realised that one is not able to change the counsel of a God and so she resigned herself to it.

105,19. But Mary went over to Eudokia, and said to her: "Eudokia! – do not grieve about this exchange!

105,20. For you are only to sacrifice one minor splendour to receive a much greater one in return!

105,21. See, I am also a king's daughter, but the royal splendour has faded since long and now look, I am a maid of the Lord, and that is a much greater splendour than all the royalty in the world!"

105,22. These words had a great effect on Eudokia, and she began to take heart in Joseph's house.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-105 Chapter