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Chapter 106. – Eudokia wants to be enlightened about the Child. Mary urges her to be patient. The Infant Jesus in Eudokia's arms and in discussion with her.

106,1. Eudokia asked Mary, how it could be, that this Infant was so full of miraculous power and of such a most high divine nature.

106,2. And how it had come to pass, that Cyrenius now seemed to depend so much on the Infant's words.

106,3. Mary said to Eudokia sweetly: "Dear Eudokia! See, one cannot rush such things!

106,4. Everything in its own sweet time; we will get the farthest with gentle patience!

106,5. If you would stay with me for some time, you would get to know everything; but for the moment, believe me, this Child is greater than all the heroes and Gods of Rome!

106,6. Did you not sense the great power of the storm yesterday?

106,7. It came from the powerful hand of He whom Tullia coaxes!

106,8. And look, what the power of this storm did to the temples of the city, this it could do to the whole earth!

106,9. So for now you know enough and for your own salvation you shall not know more than that;

106,10. when you become more versed, you will also get to know more!

106,11. Therefore I ask you to remain silent about this for your own salvation and not mention it to anyone; for if you do talk about it, you will be judged!"

106,12. These words of Mary calmed Eudokia down, and she began to think deeply about what she had learned from Mary.

106,13. Mary then went to Tullia, took the Infant from her arms again, and said to her:

106,14. "Look, you have already been blessed by Him, my son, and now you will be happy forever!

106,15. But over there is poor Eudokia; she has not yet felt the infinite relief of the Infant's blessing! Therefore I will place the Infant also in Eudokia's arms so that she may feel what power radiates from the Infant!"

106,16. Thereupon Maria carried the Infant to Eudokia and said to her:

106,17. Here – Eudokia, is my and your salvation! Take Him in your arms for some time and experience how sweet it is to be the mother of such a Child!"

106,18. And Eudokia took the Infant in her arms with great reverence;

106,19. but she was afraid of this mysterious Child and hardly dared to sway back and forth.

106,20. But the Infant smiled and said: "O Eudokia! do not be afraid of Me; for I am not your undoing but your Saviour!

106,21. In a short while however you will get to know Me better than you know Me now!

106,22. Then you will not be afraid of Me anymore but will love Me as I love you!" – These words took away Eudokia's fear and she began to kiss and cuddle the Infant.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-106 Chapter