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Chapter 107. – Cyrenius' gratitude. The magnanimity and the wisdom of the humble Joseph. Cyrenius hands over eight poor children to be raised by Joseph.

107,1. Now Cyrenius said to Joseph: "Exalted friend and brother! I have found my greatest good fortune in your house in every respect; now tell me, what reward do you want for yourself from me?!

107,2. O tell me, how can I compensate you even in the least degree for all you have done to me?!

107,3. And do not bring this villa into the equation, which is too poor and miserable a reward for you!"

107,4. And Joseph said: "O brother and friend, what do take me for?!

107,5. Do you take me for a trader in good deeds who does good only for the sake of a reward?

107,6. O how greatly mistaken you are believe me to be like that!

107,7. See, I do not know anything more miserable than a paid benefactor a paid good deed!

107,8. Indeed! The hour and the day I was born shall be damned if I would accept even one stater from you!

107,9. Hence take your wife, the cleansed Tullia, with you in all good cheer. What you will do to her and many other poor people, I will always regard and accept as a proper reward for my deeds to you!

107,10. But spare this house from any endowment; for what I have is enough for all of us – why then should there be more?

107,11. Or do you think I should ask any board amount from you for Eudokia? – Oh – do not worry!

107,12. I take her as my daughter and will rear her in the mercy of God.

107,13. For where is the father who asks for payment from anybody for raising his daughter?!

107,14. I tell you, Eudokia is worth more than the whole world. Therefore no offered reward exists in the world that could be accepted for her.

107,15. The greatest reward, however, which I have for all my dealings, see, now rests in Eudokia's arms!"

107,16. When Cyrenius saw this great unselfishness of Joseph, he was very touched and said:

107,17. "Indeed, before God and all human beings on earth you stand alone as a man of all men!

107,18. To praise you with words would be a wasted effort; for you stand above every word of man!

107,19. But I know what I should do to show you my exceedingly high respect and appreciation.

107,20. I will give you a present which you will surely not refuse!

107,21. See, in Tyre I have three girls and five boys from very poor parents who already died!

107,22. I will bring these lovely children over to you so that they can be raised by you!

107,23. You can be fully assured that I will see to their upkeep.

107,24. Will you deny me that too? – No, Joseph, you my most exalted brother, surely you will not do as such!"

107,25. And Joseph was very touched and said: "No, brother, I will never deny you that! Send the children here as soon as possible and they shall be well looked after in everything they may need!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-107 Chapter