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Chapter 108. – Cyrenius' doubts about the consecration of the marriage through a high priest of Hymen. Joseph's good advice and Cyrenius' great joy.

108,1. And Cyrenius, completely satisfied by Joseph's assurance, then said to Joseph:

108,2. "Exalted friend! Now every one of my wishes has been fulfilled, and there is nothing more that I desire!

108,3. Only one critical circumstance prevails over my great good fortune, which is as follows:

108,4. Tullia, the heavenly one, is indeed now my lawful wife with God's blessing; but see, I am outwardly still a Roman and must also, for the sake of the people, have it consecrated by a priest!

108,5. Such a consecration can only be performed by a high priest of Hymen; only then can the alliance be considered legal.

108,6. But how can such a thing be done here, with only the three lesser priests available?"

108,7. And Joseph spoke to Cyrenius: "Why do you worry about things that do not matter in the least?

108,8. If indeed you attach any importance to such a consecration, you will find enough priests on your return to Tyre, who will consecrate you in exchange for money.

108,9. However, you are better off remaining as you are now; after all, you are also the master of your own law!

108,10. I recall once having heard a Roman say, that there is a secret law in Rome, which states:

108,11. 'If a man espouses a maiden in the presence of a mute person, a fool or an under-aged child,

108,12. and these are good-natured and smiling during the selection, then the marriage is considered perfectly lawful, which should then be notified to the relevant priest,

108,13. whereby, of course, a small shiny offering should not be lacking.'

108,14. If this secret law is valid, then what else is necessary?

108,15. Let the three priests, who are with me, come; they will testify that you have chosen Tullia in the presence of a Child, not yet four months old, who smiled at you and even blessed you!

108,16. When you have this most innocent witness and a bit of gold, what more can the Roman people possibly want?!"

108,17. And Cyrenius literally leapt for joy and spoke to Joseph:

108,18. "Indeed, exalted brother, you are absolutely right! There is really such a law; but at first I could not recall it!

108,19. Now everything is in the best order; so send for the three priests, and I will confer with them in this matter at once!" – And Joseph asked for the three still silent priests to enter the room.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-108 Chapter