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Chapter 109. – The priests' misgivings. Cyrenius takes over the responsibility. A poor testimonial of Rome and its greed. Cyrenius' marriage to Tullia.

109,1. The three priests immediately came, and one said: "Only an order of the governor would induce us to speak today;

109,2. for we took a vow this morning that we would remain silent and not eat a single bite throughout the day!

109,3. However, as mentioned earlier, we are breaking this vow this evening, as we are compelled to do so on the governor's order! – May he one day bear the responsibility for us!"

109,4. Cyrenius responded: "Really, I have not compelled you; but as you have scruples about this, I will gladly accept the responsibility!

109,5. For I am in the house of Him who is ultimately concerned with such accountabilities, and so I believe that in this reckoning, things will not weigh as heavily against me as you imagine in your foolishness!"

109,6. And Joseph spoke: "O brother! The accounting is already completed, so just tell the three priests what you require of them!"

109,7. One of the priests, however, anticipated Cyrenius and asked him what they were supposed to do for him.

109,8. And Cyrenius briefly presented his request to them.

109,9. The three spoke: "The law is right, and so is the deed; however, we are merely lesser priests and our testimony will not be considered as lawful!"

109,10. And Cyrenius explained to them, that in the absence of a high priest, every lesser priest could and indeed, was obliged, to hold the office and exercise the powers of a high priest.

109,11. The priests spoke: "That is correct; but look, you condemned us when we wanted to pontificate two days ago!

109,12. If we should again pontificate before you, would you not condemn us once again?!"

109,13. Cyrenius spoke excitedly: "I condemned you at that time, because you wanted to pontificate entirely illegally.

109,14. Now, however, you have the legal authority before you; so if you act accordingly, you need not fear my condemnation!

109,15. Instead I will give you an offering that will ensure your livelihood! And an offering for Rome will be taken care of as well!"

109,16. And the priests spoke: "Good; but we three do not give allegiance to the gods anymore and want nothing more to do with Rome's paganism!

109,17. Will our testimony be considered as lawful, once Rome comes to hear of our conversion to Israel's faith?"

109,18. And Cyrenius spoke: "You know as well as I do that in Rome money can legitimize any testimony!

109,19. Therefore do what I demand of you, and do not concern yourselves with anything else; for I will take care of it!"

109,20. The priests first weighed this assurance before issuing, and thereby sanctifying, the testimony demanded by Cyrenius.

109,21. When Cyrenius got the official document, he first stretched out his hand to Tullia and then raised her up as his now lawful wife,

109,22. and gave her a ring and immediately arranged for royal robes to be fetched for her from the city.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-109 Chapter