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Chapter 110. – Tullia in royal robes. Eudokia's pain. The Infant consoles Eudokia. Eudokia's tears of joy. Mary's participation.

110,1. In a short time, the royal robes were brought for Tullia, and she was attired in them, as earlier mentioned.

110,2. Mary took back her robe, washed it, and then kept it again for herself.

110,3. Cyrenius, sure enough, wanted to give Mary royal garments for it also;

110,4. but Mary as well as Joseph solemnly declined this.

110,5. When Eudokia saw Tullia in her true royal splendour, her heart was so heavy, that she began to sigh secretly.

110,6. The Infant spoke to her softly: "Eudokia, I tell you, do not sigh because of the world, but sigh because of your sins, and you will be better off!

110,7. For look, I am greater than Cyrenius and Rome; if you have Me, you have more than if you possessed the whole world.

110,8. However, if you want to have me completely, then you must repent your sins which caused you to become barren.

110,9. If you repent your sins for love of Me, then you will recognize who I really am to the extent of your love of Me!

110,10. And when you do recognize Me, you will be happier than if you were the wife of the emperor himself!

110,11. For look, the emperor has to keep powerful guards, so that he is not dethroned.

110,12. But I am sufficient onto Myself alone! Spirits, suns, moons, earths and all the elements obey Me; and yet I do not require guards and I allow Myself to be carried in your arms despite your being a sinner!

110,13. Therefore remain calm and do not cry; for you have received that what was taken away from Tullia when she accepted the royal robes!

110,14. And that is infinitely more than those gold-shimmering royal robes, which are dead and bring death,

110,15. while you carry Life in your arms and will never taste death, as long as you love Me!" –

110,16. The Infant's words had such a salutary effect on Eudokia's spirit that she began to cry in the great joy of her blessed amazement.

110,17. Mary noticed that Eudokia had burst into tears of joy, so she went to her and asked her:

110,18. "Sweet Eudokia, what has happened to you that I see gentle tears in your eyes?"

110,19. And Eudokia replied after a deep sigh of happiness:

110,20. "O you most fortunate of all the mothers on earth! Look, your Infant has spoken to me in a miraculous manner!

110,21. Truly, no mortal man in all his worldly greatness, but only gods are capable of such words!

110,22. My breast is now full of wonderful thoughts and premonitions. They rise in me, as if from hidden depths, like bright stars from the sea, and hence I am weeping in delight!"

110,23. Mary spoke: "Eudokia, just be patient, after the stars the sun will also come; only in its light will you see where you are! – But be quiet now, for Cyrenius is coming over."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-110 Chapter