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Chapter 111. – Cyrenius' expression of gratitude to the Infant. The Infant's words of blessing to the bridal couple. Joseph's invitation to the wedding feast. Cyrenius' return to the city.

111,1. As Cyrenius came with Tullia towards Eudokia, who was still carrying the Infant in her arms, he spoke to the Infant:

111,2. "O You my Life; You are my all in all! To you alone I owe this, my great and wonderful fortune!

111,3. I did only little for You, and You rewarded me in such an unspeakable way and made me the happiest man on earth!

111,4. O how can I, a poor sinner, ever be able to thank you enough for it?!"

111,5. The Infant sat up, raised His right hand and spoke:

111,6. "O My dear Cyrenius Quirinus, I now bless you and your wife Tullia, so that you live happily together in the world!

111,7. However, I also tell you: Never appraise yourself as too lucky in the fortunes of the world, but regard the world as a theatre of delusion and you will enjoy life in the world in the right measure of wisdom!

111,8. For look, everything in the world is exactly the opposite of what it appear to be; only love, when it springs from the bottom of the heart, is true and righteous!

111,9. Wherever you see life without love, there is no life, but death!

111,10. But where you imagine death to be in the serenity of true love, there life dwells, and it cannot be destroyed by anyone!

111,11. You do not know, how weak the foundation is upon which you stand; but I know it, and therefore I tell you all this!

111,12. Just dig one thousand fathoms deep at this place, and you will have an immense abyss before you that will devour you.

111,13. So do not dig too deeply within the world, and do not rejoice at the discoveries in the depths of the world;

111,14. for wherever someone digs too deeply into the world, he has also prepared his own downfall.

111,15. Do not trust the small spot on which you stand; for it is loose and can engulf you, if you dig there and make a mine in the ground!

111,16. Bear in mind that everything in the world can kill you, because everything carries death within itself, – only the exclusive love does not kill, if you preserve it in its purity!

111,17. If you mix it with worldly matters, it will become heavy and can also kill you, physically as well as spiritually.

111,18. Consequently, remain in this pure and unselfish love; love the one God as your Father and Creator of everything and love human beings as equal brothers and sisters, and you will have everlasting life in such love, Amen."

111,19. The Infant's exceedingly wise words instilled such deep respect in Cyrenius as well as all those present that they trembled all over.

111,20. Joseph went to Cyrenius and spoke: "Brother, get hold of yourself, and go to the city with the blessing of this house! For the time being, however, keep all that you have heard or received here secret! Come here tomorrow and hold the marriage feast!" – And Cyrenius immediately proceeded into the city with Tullia and his entourage.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-111 Chapter