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Chapter 112. – A novel surprise at Joseph's house: foreign white-attired youths as helpers in the house.

112,1. Rather late in the evening, as Cyrenius left for the city with his people, Joseph said to his sons:

112,2. "Children, go now, and get our household in order! Take care of the cows and the donkeys, and then prepare supper, one that is good and fresh; for I must adopt and bless my new daughter at a joyful meal today itself!"

112,3. Hereupon Joseph's sons immediately went and did as their father had ordered.

112,4. But imagine their surprise when they found several white-attired youths, diligently tending the cows.

112,5. Joseph's sons asked them who had ordered them to do this and whose servants they were.

112,6. The youths spoke: "We are the Lord's servants at all times, and the Lord has ordered us to do this work; hence we are doing it!"

112,7. Joseph's sons asked the youths: "Who is your Lord, and where does he live? Is he by any chance Cyrenius?"

112,8. And the youths spoke: "Our Lord is also your Lord, who lives with you, – and his name is not Cyrenius!"

112,9. Joseph's sons then assumed that the youths were referring to their father, and thus spoke to them:

112,10. "In that case, come with us, so that our father, who is the master of this house, can identify you as his servants!"

112,11. And the youths spoke: "First milk the cows, and then we will go with you and introduce our Lord to you!"

112,12. Here the sons took the milk pitcher and milked three times more milk than the usual quantity, even though they had taken similar good care of the cows previously.

112,13. They were exceedingly astonished and could not explain why the cows gave so much milk this time.

112,14. When they had finished milking the cows, the youths spoke:

112,15. "Now, as you have finished your work, let us go into the house, where your and our Lord lives!

112,16. However, your father has also ordered you to prepare a good supper; this must be ready, before we enter the Lord's chamber!"

112,17. The youths immediately went into the kitchen, and look, there were several youths busily engaged in the preparation of a delicious evening meal. –

112,18. However, as Joseph felt that his sons were taking more time than usual to complete their tasks, he went to check what they were doing.

112,19. But he was astonished to see the kitchen overcrowded with workers!

112,20. He at once asked his sons what in the Lord's name was happening.

112,21. The youths replied: "Joseph, do not worry; for everything is and happens only according to the Lord's will! – However, let us first prepare supper, then you will learn the details from the Lord Himself."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-112 Chapter