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Chapter 113. – Mary's astonishment about the incessant visitations. Joseph's consolation. The angel's awe of the Infant and his words to the archangel. The shared supper.

113,1. Joseph then immediately went into the room and told Mary and Eudokia what he had seen and what was happening in the kitchen.

113,2. Mary and Eudokia were astonished at what he said, and Mary spoke:

113,3. "O great God, we are not safe from Your visitations for one second! – Before one of them has barely left the room, hundreds of others set foot into the room in their place!

113,4. O Lord, will You then never grant us any peace?! – Should we perhaps flee once again, and this time perhaps from the Romans? What will come of this phenomenon?"

113,5. Joseph spoke: "Dear Mary, do not frighten yourself in vain! See, we are just wanderers in this world, and the Lord is our guide!

113,6. We will obediently follow the Lord wherever He leads us in His holy will; for He alone knows where and what is best for us!

113,7. See, you are always frightened, when the Lord sends us something new; I, on the other hand, am overjoyed with it, – for I know now that the Lord always takes the best care of us!

113,8. The Lord sent me a severe test this morning; it made me very unhappy.

113,9. But the sadness did not last long; for the one who died was brought back to life, and I am once again full of cheerfulness and now look forward to a good and blessed supper.

113,10. It will be better for you if you would do the same, instead of all your useless fear and timidity!"

113,11. These words of Joseph soothed Mary, and she was now full of curiosity to see the new cooks in the kitchen.

113,12. She therefore got up and wanted to go and have a look; but at that moment, Joseph's sons entered the room laden with food, and all the youths followed them with the highest respect.

113,13. And as they came near the Infant, they suddenly kneeled down and worshiped Him.

113,14. The Infant raised Himself up and spoke to the youths: "Rise, archangels of My infinite heaven!

113,15. I have heard your petition! Your love wants to serve Me also here in my lowliness; but I, your Lord of infinity, have never needed your service!

113,16. However, as your love is so immense, you may remain here for three earth-days and serve this house; but apart from those in this house, no one shall learn who you are!

113,17. Now share the supper with My foster father and My birth mother and with this daughter, who carries Me in her arms, with the three seekers and with My brothers!"

113,18. Thereupon the youths got up, Mary took the Infant, and everyone sat down at the table, began singing the hymn of praise with Joseph, and ate and drank in great bliss and merriment.

113,19. However, the archangels appearing as youths wept in sheer bliss and spoke:

113,20. "Truly, eternities full of the supreme delight have passed under our gaze;

113,21. but all the most blissful eternities are outweighed at this moment, in which we are eating at the table of the Lord, indeed at the table of His children, among whom He exists in all His fullness! – O Lord! Let us also become Your children!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-113 Chapter