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Chapter 114. – Mary's conversations with Zuriel and Gabriel. The Infant's advice on the new order in heaven and on earth. Eudokia's curiosity regarding the 'arch-heralds'.

114,1. After supper, as all, together with Joseph, had offered the Lord a song of praise, one of the youths spoke to Mary:

114,2. "Mary, blessed are you among the women on earth! Do you not recognize me anymore? – Am I not the one, who so often played with you in the temple and who brought you good food and sweet beverages?"

114,3. Here Mary was startled and spoke: "Yes, I recognize you, you are Zuriel, an archangel! You teased me a lot sometimes, because you spoke to me, but did not allow me to see you;

114,4. and often I had to beg you for hours, before you could be persuaded to let me see you!"

114,5. And the youth spoke: "See, blessed mother, it was the will of the Lord, who loves you so very dearly.

114,6. Just as your heart, as the seat of love, incessantly beats and tugs and teases your whole nature,

114,7. so also is the nature of the Lord's love that he constantly tugs and teases His love ones, but thereby shaping life and making it durable for all eternity!"

114,8. Mary was very pleased to hear this explanation and praised the Lord's wonderful grace.

114,9. Another youth turned to Mary and spoke: "Blessed virgin! Do you also recognize me? It cannot have been more than a year since I visited you in Nazareth!"

114,10. And Mary recognized him by his voice and spoke: "Yes, yes, you are Gabriel! Truly, no one is equal to you; for you certainly brought the most important message to the earth, and the salvation of all mankind!"

114,11. And the youth replied to Mary: "O virgin! You are mistaken in the first part; for look, the Lord has already begun with me to make use of the smallest and most insignificant means, to execute the greatest deed!

114,12. Therefore I am only the least significant and the smallest in the Kingdom of Heaven, and not the greatest! – I indeed brought the greatest and most holy message to the earth;

114,13. however, I am not thus unequal to others in greatness; it is just the opposite, I am the least in the Kingdom of God!"

114,14. Mary, together with Joseph, was astonished at the youth's great humility.

114,15. But the Infant spoke: "Yes, this angel is right! In the beginning, the greatest one was the one closest to me.

114,16. He, however, elevated himself and wanted to be equal to Me, and wanted to surpass Me, and therefore distanced himself from Me.

114,17. Therefore I created heaven and earth and gave the order, that only the insignificant ones should be closest to Me!

114,18. I have now chosen all the lowliness of the world for myself, and thus only the greatest ones will be with Me, who are, like Me in the world, themselves the least significant and the lowliest.

114,19. And so Gabriel, you are right, and the mother is also right; for you are the greatest, as you are the least of and in yourself!"

114,20. As the Infant said these words to the youth Gabriel, all the youths instantly fell to their knees and worshiped Him.

114,21. Eudokia, however, pondered back and forth; for she did not know what to make of these exceedingly beautiful youths.

114,22. She heard that these youths were called 'archangels' and that they came from the Kingdom of God, – but she also considered Palestine and Upper Egypt to be the Kingdom of God. She therefore asked whether they were, perhaps, envoys.

114,23. One of the youths spoke: "Eudokia, just be patient! See, we are staying here for three days, and we will get better acquainted with each other!" – And Eudokia was satisfied with this and soon retired for the night.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-114 Chapter