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Chapter 115. – Joseph calls for peace at night. The youths' disclosure about the nightly attack by three hundred robbers. The attack. The victory of the angels.

115,1. And Joseph spoke: "Children and friends! It has become late evening now; therefore I think it's time to retire!"

115,2. But the youths spoke: "Yes, father Joseph, you are right; all of you who still live in mortal bodies should have a good rest!

115,3. But we will go outside and guard your house!

115,4. For the enemy of life has come to know by cunning that the Lord resides here, and has decided to attack this house tonight and murder Him.

115,5. Therefore we are here to protect this house; and when the enemy comes, he shall be mauled!"

115,6. Joseph and Mary, the still awake Eudokia, the three priests and Joseph's sons were terribly shocked at this news;

115,7. and Joseph spoke: "If it is like that, then I do not want to rest, but keep watch with you throughout the night!"

115,8. But the youths spoke: "All of you, do not worry in the least; we are enough and have enough power to annihilate the whole creation according to the Lord's will!

115,9. Why should we be afraid of a handful of hired, cowardly murderers!?

115,10. For look, the whole issue is that some friends of the perished priesthood have come to know by the efforts of Satan, that Cyrenius has become a good friend of the Jews and that through this house.

115,11. Therefore they hatched a secret plot and swore to attack this house tonight and kill everyone inside.

115,12. But we have anticipated such a plan for long and therefore have come here to protect this house.

115,13. So be very calm: tomorrow you will see, how we worked for you throughout this night!"

115,14. When Joseph heard such loyal assurances of protection from the youths, he praised and honoured God,

115,15. then first led Eudokia to her bedroom, blessed her as his own daughter whereupon she immediately retired.

115,16. Then Mary and her children went with the Infant into the same room and took Him to bed with her.

115,17. Then the three priests went into their rooms as well; but Joseph and the sons stayed in the dining room and stayed awake.

115,18. And the youths went outside and installed themselves around the house.

115,19. While midnight approached, one could discern the clang of arms on the road from the city to the villa.

115,20. Within minutes, Joseph's entire house was encircled by three hundred armed men.

115,21. But as they wanted to force their way into the house, the youths arose and instantaneously strangled the entire horde except one man.

115,22. This one man they tied up and brought him in a room to bear witness the next day.

115,23. And so it came that Joseph's house was miraculously saved and remained in peace and protected from any future attack.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-115 Chapter