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Chapter 116. - The preparations for Cyrenius' wedding banquet. The reverence of the angels before the bathing Infant. The reawakening of the murderers' corpses through the Infant's bathwater.

116,1. In the early morning, even before sunrise, there was activity all around in Joseph's house.

116,2. Joseph's sons and the youths took care of the stable and the kitchen; for many things had to be prepared for Cyrenius' wedding banquet.

116,3. Joseph himself went outside together with some youths, Zuriel and Gabriel, and inspected the dead bodies and spoke to the two:

116,4. "What shall happen to this? Shouldn't we first bury them, before Cyrenius comes from the city?!"

116,5. But the youths spoke: "Joseph! Do not worry about that, for especially the governor has to see the power that resides in your house!

116,6. Therefore these corpses remain here until Cyrenius arrives, and he himself may have them carried away."

116,7. Joseph was satisfied with this reply and went back into the house with both of them.

116,8. When they entered the room, Mary was just bathing the Infant while Eudokia assisted her where she could.

116,9. The two youths remained standing in greatest reverence with crossed hands on their chests, as long as the Infant was being bathed.

116,10. But after the Infant had finished His bath and had been dressed in fresh clothes, He promptly called Joseph and spoke:

116,11. "Joseph! nobody on the land that is part of this house shall die!

116,12. But the reason I called you is for you to take this water and store it.

116,13. When Cyrenius returns from the city and sees the strangled men, you will take this water and sprinkle it on them; they will become alive and shall be brought before the state tribunal. But first you must tie the hands of each

116,14. corpse at the back, so that, while it awakens, it does not immediately grab a weapon and defend itself!"

116,15. When Joseph heard this, he and the two youths immediately carried out what the Infant had said;

116,16. and when he had finished binding the hands of the last corpse, Cyrenius arrived from the city in full splendour, with a large entourage.

116,17. But he was appalled at the sight of these bound corpses and hastily asked, what had happened here.

116,18. And Joseph told him the whole story, had the water brought to him and sprinkled it on the corpses, whereupon they immediately arose as from a deep slumber.

116,19. And Cyrenius, now informed about everything, had the resuscitated men immediately brought to the state prison.

116,20. And when all of them, including the one kept alive, were taken into custody under strict surveillance, Cyrenius went to his room with his bride and there abundantly praised and honoured the God of Israel.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-116 Chapter