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Chapter 117. - Cyrenius' annoyance at the traitors. Joseph's indication of the Lord's help. Cyrenius and the angels. The powerful miracle of the angels.

117,1. But Cyrenius was a bit annoyed about this occurrence and he did not know what to do with these traitors.

117,1. Therefore he went to Joseph and talked it over with him; but Joseph replied:

117,2. "Be cheerful, my brother before the Lord!

117,3. Not a hair on your head will be touched because of this.

117,4. See, you are surely my greatest friend and benefactor on this earth; but what good would all your friendship have done me in the night?

117,5. These hired assassins could have cooked and roasted me and my entire household last night without you having heard anything about it before this morning, when you came to me and would have found nothing remaining of me!

117,6. Who then was my saviour? Who could have seen through these secret plans of the wicked long before and has sent me help at the right time?

117,7. See, it was the Lord, my God and your God! – Therefore be cheerful; for you are also now in the all-protective hand of the Lord, and He will not permit one hair on your head to be touched!"

117,8. And with Tullia by his side who was busy with the Infant, Cyrenius thanked Joseph for this consolation with heartfelt gratitude.

117,9. But right then he saw the two marvellous youths, and also noticed that there were more of them present in the kitchen.

117,10. So he asked Joseph from where these beautiful and tender youths came, and if they were also some of the less fortunate ones who were rescued earlier.

117,11. But Joseph spoke: "See, each man has his servants; and you know by now that my little Child is also a Lord!

117,12. And see, these are his servants; and it is they, who protected this house from its ruin last night!

117,13. But do not guess which country they come from; for you will not get anywhere, since these helpers have an indescribable strength and power.

117,14. So they will not tell you and by applying force you will get nothing out of them, because they are too powerful and infinitely strong!

117,15. And Cyrenius spoke: " So they are demigods, like in our mythical teachings?

117,16. What?! – Do you also have such demigods besides the one God, who are destined to do good service to men as well as to the main God?!

117,17. And Joseph spoke: "O brother, you are greatly mistaken! See, there can be no question of demigods with us in eternity;

117,18. but we do have highly blessed Spirits who are now angels of God, but who once lived on the earth like we do!

117,19. But what you have heard from me now, you will need to keep silent about, as if you have never heard anything about it, otherwise you could be suffer serious harm!"

117,20. Cyrenius put his finger on his mouth and swore to keep silent until his death.

117,21. Hereupon the two youths approached Cyrenius and spoke: "Now come outside with us, so that we can show our power to you!"

117,22. And Cyrenius went outside with them, and see, in the far distance a mountain disappeared at one word from the youths' mouth!

117,23. Now Cyrenius realised why he had to keep silent and he did so for the rest of his life - and so did all those who were with him.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-117 Chapter