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Chapter 118. - The difference between the power of the Lord and the power of His servants. Cyrenius' question about the purpose of angels. The parable of the loving Father and his children.

118,1. After this demonstration of power, the two youths led Cyrenius back to his room, where Joseph, Mary and the Infant, Tullia, Eudokia, the three priests, Maronius and some other members of Cyrenius' entourage were.

118,2. And Joseph promptly went over to Cyrenius and asked him:

118,3. "Well, illustrious brother and friend, what do you have to say about these servants of the Lord?"

118,4. And Cyrenius said: "O most exalted brother! There is almost no difference between them and the Lord; for they are as powerful as He is!

118,5. The Infant destroyed the large statue of Zeus with a gesture of the hand;

118,6. but these servants destroyed a whole mountain with just one word! – Tell me then, what difference is there between Lord and servant?!"

118,7. And Joseph replied: "O friend! there is an infinitely big difference between them!

118,8. See, the Lord does this on His own accord eternally; but his servants can only do this through the Lord when He wants it!

118,9. If that is not the case, they can do as little as you and I, and with their own power they cannot even crush a sun-speck!"

118,10. But Cyrenius replied: "I do understand you; what you have said is correct and needs no further explanation.

118,11. But if everything is effected by the Lord only and the servants have no power themselves, what use are they to Him then?"

118,12. And Joseph spoke: "Look, you marvellous, lovely brother, here is the Infant, ask the same question to Him, and He will give you the most valid answer!"

118,13. And Cyrenius did so, and the little Child arose and spoke:

118,14. "Cyrenius, you are a husband now and you have impregnated your wife already this night, so that you may beget a descendant!

118,15. But I say to you, you will have twelve of them! But when you are a father of twelve children, tell Me, what for and why and for what purpose do you want children anyway?

118,16. Is it not possible for you to do your affairs well and vigorously enough without them?"

118,17. Here Cyrenius was completely taken aback and after a while he said somewhat shyly:

118,18. "As far as looking after my governmental affairs is concerned, this takes its own course and I do not need children for that!

118,19. But only in my heart there is a tremendous need to have children, and this need is called love!"

118,20. And the Infant spoke: "Well, but when you have children, won't you have them participate in your affairs out of pure love and therefore vest them with power and authority, because they are your children, and mould them into powerful servants?"

118,21. And Cyrenius replied: "O Lord, I will most certainly do that!"

118,22. And the little Child answered again: " Now look, when you as a human being do such things out of love for your children, why then should God as a holy Father not do the same with His children out of His infinite love for them?!"

118,23. This answer summed up everything for Cyrenius, and it filled him and all the others with the greatest reverence, and he did ask anything further.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-118 Chapter