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Chapter 119. - Joseph's instructions for the wedding banquet. The dressing up for the occasion. The dazzling festive dress of the angels. The uneasiness of Cyrenius and the others. The removal of the festive dresses.

119,1. Joseph's sons now entered the room and told him: "Father, the morning meal is lavishly prepared!

119,2. If you wish we will set the large dining table and then serve the meal."

119,3. And Joseph spoke: "Well, my children, please do so, but wear your new clothes, for this morning we will have Cyrenius' wedding banquet!

119,4. You also have to join us at the table, so you have to be dressed as befits a wedding! Go now and do everything that is good, right and proper!

119,5. And after the sons arranged the table they went and did as Joseph had demanded.

119,6. But the two youths went over to Joseph and spoke:

119,7. "Father Joseph, what do you think? Look, the robes we are wearing are only our work clothes; should we also put on a dress befitting the wedding?"

119,8. But Joseph replied: "You are the angels of the Lord and your robes are already the most beautiful wedding garments; why would you wear another one?"

119,9. But the youths spoke: "Look, we do not want to annoy anybody; what you have demanded from your sons, we also want to do and be represented at your table in our wedding garments!

119,10. Therefore let us go and we will immediately change our garments just like your sons!"

119,11. And Joseph spoke: "So, then please do what you deem necessary through the Lord! But you are servants of the Lord forever and you always know His will; therefore act accordingly!"

119,12. And the two youths went away and came back after a while together with Joseph's sons and all the other youths, dressed in garments that shone as bright as a red morning sky, with the most beautiful glow;

119,13. and their faces, feet and hands shining like the rising sun.

119,14. Cyrenius and all his followers were aghast at all this infinite splendour and majesty.

119,15. And Cyrenius spoke to Joseph in an anxious hurry:

119,16. "Most exalted friend, now I have seen the infinite splendour of your house! But let me go out, for all this splendour is consuming me!

119,17. Why did you have to ask your sons to change their dresses? Without that they would surely have remained the Lord's servants with their former simplicity and unglamorous appearance which was so pleasing to me!"

119,18. At this moment Joseph got hold of himself because he had lost his breath at all the splendour and now instructed his sons to put on their work clothes again.

119,19. The sons went and did the same; and the youths went too and changed their dresses and they came back together with Joseph's sons restored in their former simplicity.

119,20. Now Cyrenius' felt relieved in his heart and was now able to sit at the table with his wife and his companions.

119,21. And so he occupied the upper part of the table with his people, while Joseph, Mary and the Infant, Eudokia, Joseph's sons and the youths sat at the lower part, and after Joseph's song of praise they all ate and drank.

119,22. But some of the centurions as well as the commander thought, that they really were at the table of the gods in Olympus and were beyond themselves with delight; for they had no idea about the constitution of Joseph's house.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-119 Chapter