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Chapter 120. - Joseph worried about the correct celebration of Easter. The reassuring words of the angels. Joseph's fresh worries because of the many pagans present. The Infant's reply.

120,1. After finishing the delicious morning meal, which had lasted for one hour, Joseph spoke the song of praise and all arose from the table.

120,2. Since it was a pre-Sabbath day and thus a Friday, the day before the Easter festivities of the Jews were held, Joseph was a bit anxious and did not know how he should approach the celebration of this feast among all these Romans.

120,3. For he knew, that they would also visit him on the Easter Sabbath day just like any other day.

120,4. Therefore he was, as said, anxious about how he could sanctify this exceptionally high Sabbath.

120,5. But now the youths surrounded him and spoke: "Listen to us, you righteous, but vainly concerned man!

120,6. You know that at this time the angels of God were also present in Jerusalem - as archangels, Cherubim and Seraphim.

120,7. And, as you know and as your wife does, the inner sanctum was always occupied by them.

120,8. Since you know that we only follow the Lord and not the temple in Jerusalem - we are therefore not in the temple!

120,9. When the Lord lived in the temple in Jerusalem, we were also there.

120,10. But now He lives here and we are also here, to celebrate Easter with you and none of us is in the temple, which is now thoroughly abandoned.

120,11. Now how could you better celebrate Easter when you act like we do?!

120,12. See, we shall do the same tomorrow as we have done today and will continue to do, and it will be right!

120,13. Do the same and you will observe the Sabbath and Easter properly with us in the fullest presence of the Lord of the Sabbath and of all holidays!

120,14. Ask the most lofty Infant and He will tell you the same!"

120,15. And Joseph spoke: "All is right and good and true but what about the law of Moses? Does it cease to exist"?

120,16. But the youths spoke: "Righteous man, you are mistaken, - tell us, had Moses ever decreed that Easter should be held at Jerusalem?

120,17. Did he not stipulate it to be held only there, where the Lord with the Ark of the Covenant is!?

120,18. See, the Lord is no longer with the Ark of the Covenant now, but He is present here with you and in your house!

120,19. Now tell us, where according to Moses should the correct Easter celebration be held?"

120,20. And Joseph said: "If it is like that, then sure enough, the feast has to be celebrated here! But what shall we do with all the pagans here?"

120,21. And the youths spoke: "O righteous son of David, do not concern yourself with this, but do what we do and everything will be all right!"

120,22. Now the Infant asked for Joseph, upon which occasion the youths immediately fell to the ground, and He spoke:

120,23. "Joseph, as today so tomorrow and the day after tomorrow; - do not be concerned because of the uncircumcised, for these are now better than the circumcised!

120,24. See, the circumcision of the foreskin is of no importance, but the circumcision of the heart is all important!

120,25. Now these Romans have a noble circumcised heart; and so I will celebrate Easter with them and not with the Jews!

120,26. These words made Joseph regain his balance; he was full of joy and surrendered all his worries about the Easter celebration to the youths.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-120 Chapter