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Chapter 121. – Joseph, invited for Easter by Cyrenius in his fortress, in distress about celebrating Easter. The Infant's soothing words. "Wherever I am, that is where the real Easter is!"

121,1. As the celebration of Easter was thus decided upon, and Joseph had accepted everything,

121,2. Cyrenius went up to Joseph and spoke: "Most exalted friend and brother! See, today I was your guest and will remain so until the evening!

121,3. However, tomorrow I will prepare a small feast in my fortress and wish to invite your whole family as it is gathered here,

121,4. and I hope that you will not refuse this act of friendship?!

121,5. For I am not inviting you as a compensation, but am doing this out of the great love and respect that I entertain for you and your entire family!

121,6. For look, my departure has been set for the day after tomorrow and I cannot stay here as long as I had earlier planned;

121,7. urgent duties are inducing me to alter my plans.

121,8. However, it is precisely for this reason that I wish to have the fortune of hosting you at my place, and certainly in a way worthy of you!"

121,9. But Joseph hesitated and did not know what he should do; for at least he wanted to celebrate the holy Easter Sabbath in his house.

121,10. He therefore said to Cyrenius: "Most worthy friend and brother in the Lord!

121,11. See, tomorrow is the most important festive day for us Jews, which every Jew must at least celebrate in the forecourt of his house, if indeed he cannot go to the temple in Jerusalem!

121,12. I would reproach myself most bitterly if I would break our foremost law;

121,13. hence I cannot promise you anything in this respect!

121,14. However, I would be extremely delighted if you are willing to come to me and host your intended feast in my house, which in fact also belongs to you!"

121,15. And Cyrenius spoke: "Why, brother! Are you then a greater unbeliever than I, a pagan from birth as you have said!?

121,16. What is your Child? Is He not the Lord, from whom all your laws are from the beginning!?

121,17. Are the youths not his very first attendants? – Does not He, who is resting so omnipotently in the arms of the young mother, have the right to determine the laws?!

121,18. If He would grant me my wish, would you then give greater importance to your festive day than to His divine word?"

121,19. Here the Infant raised Himself up and spoke: "Yes Cyrenius, you are right; however, keep all this within yourself!

121,20. Tomorrow we will all be your guests; for wherever I am, that is where the true Easter is, – for I am the liberator of the children of Israel out of Egypt!" –

121,21. When Joseph heard this, he gave up his original plans for Easter and accepted Cyrenius' invitation.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-121 Chapter