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Chapter 122. – Joseph's queries on the clearing of the temple rubble, on the fate of the rebels and the lesser priests, and on the eight children. Cyrenius' response.

122,1. As mentioned earlier, Joseph was satisfied with the decision to celebrate Easter in this way, but he asked Cyrenius once again about the removal of the temple rubble and the bodies that had been dug out.

122,2. And Cyrenius spoke: "O my most exalted brother and friend, do not worry about that;

122,3. for I have already taken care of the matter to the best of my judgment!

122,4. The rubble has been completely removed, the slain priests have been buried, and those who were rescued will be taken by me to Tyre the day after tomorrow, and there see to their proper disposition!

122,5. See, that is how the matter stands! I believe that it is arranged in the best possible and fairest manner?"

122,6. And Joseph spoke: "Yes, indeed, no father could have cared better for his own children! I am fully satisfied with that!

122,7. But what will you do with the rebels who attacked my house last night?"

122,8. And Cyrenius spoke: "Look, these are traitors and have therefore drawn a death sentence upon themselves.

122,9. Now, as you know, I am no friend of bloodshed, rather its greatest foe!

122,10. Hence I have remitted the death sentence and have decided instead, that their well-deserved punishment will be lifelong slavery!

122,11. And I believe that this punishment in place of the death sentence is not too severe, particularly because freedom is secretly given to those who reform themselves.

122,12. They too will come to Tyre, where further decisions will be made about them."

122,13. And Joseph spoke: "Dear brother! You have acted with full faith in the divine order even here, and for this I can only praise you as a truly wise governor!

122,14. But I still have one more matter on my mind! See, there are still the three lesser priests; what do you suggest I do with them?"

122,15. And Cyrenius spoke: "O most exalted friend and brother! I have also taken care of them.

122,16. Maronius, who now thinks as I do, will take them and appoint them as civil servants in the department that I will assign to him.

122,17. Tell me, is that a good solution? – Indeed, if I had greater and deeper insight, I would certainly make even better decisions!

122,18. However, I act as best I can, and think that your Lord and your God will bless my good will, even if it does not originate from the best insight?!"

122,19. And Joseph spoke: "The Lord has already blessed your insight, as also your will, and hence you have made the best decisions!

122,20. However, there is one more thing: When will you send me the eight children which you said consisted of five boys and three girls?"

122,21. And Cyrenius spoke: "My brother, my friend, that will be my first concern as soon as I arrive in Tyre!

122,22. Now let us go outside, for it is a most pleasant day, and we should praise the Lord." – And so Joseph mobilized everyone in the house.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-122 Chapter