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Chapter 123. – The procession to the holy mountain. The encounter with the wild animals. The taming of the wild beasts by the two celestial youths.

123,1. The party was made up of Cyrenius with his entourage, Maronius with the three priests and Joseph with Mary and the Infant, the two youths and Eudokia;

123,2. Mary and Eudokia sat on the two donkeys that were led by the two youths.

123,3. The other youths remained with Joseph's sons at home and helped them take care of the house and prepare good bread and lunch, which, however, would not be consumed before evening.

123,4. Outside the town, there was a mountain which was fully covered with cedars and measured about four hundred fathoms in height.

123,5. This mountain was venerated as a holy place by the gentiles, which is why no tree on it was ever cut down.

123,6. Only one path, which had been laid out by the priests, led to the summit, on which an open temple was built. The temple site offered an extensive and delightful view in all directions.

123,7. Due to the dense forest of this fairly extensive mountain, a lot of ferocious animals lived in its dense forest, which made the ascent of the mountain precarious and unsafe.

123,8. The three priests, however, were well aware of this characteristic of the mountain; hence, when Cyrenius had reached the foot of the mountain, they went up to him and told him about this.

123,9. And Cyrenius spoke: "Do you not see that I have no fear?

123,10. Why should I? – The Lord of all heavens and all worlds, and two of His almighty attendants, are in our midst!"

123,11. The priests took courage at these words of Cyrenius and withdrew again, and the procession swiftly ascended the mountain.

123,12. As the whole company was a good half hour's journey deep in the mountain forest, three enormous lions suddenly leapt out of the forest thicket and obstructed Cyrenius' path.

123,13. Cyrenius was horrified at this and cried for help.

123,14. And the two youths immediately stepped out, and threatened the wild beasts, which left the spot instantly, all the while roaring;

123,15. however, they did not run away into the thicket, but escorted the company at the edge of the path and did not harm anyone.

123,16. As the company continued on its way for another half an hour, an entire troop of lions, panthers and tigers came towards them.

123,17. However, as this eerie troop encountered the two youths, they split up on both sides of the path and made way for our company.

123,18. This instilled such reverence and deep respect in Cyrenius' entourage that they hardly dared to breathe.

123,19. However, as they noticed that the wild beasts went down and trembled when they were close to the Infant, the truth began to dawn on the timorous gentiles as to who dwelled in the Child. –

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-123 Chapter