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Chapter 124. – Fainting of Eudokia and Tullia. The poisonous snakes at the summit. The purification of the place by Mary and the Child. The amazement of Cyrenius' entourage.

124,1. However, this caravan of beasts did not turn back, but continued on their way, growling a little.

124,2. Eudokia on Mary's side, as also Tullia on Cyrenius' side, who walked just in front of the two donkeys, fainted at the sight;

124,3. however, Joseph and Mary instilled so much courage in them, that they soon lost all their fear.

124,4. And the procession continued unhindered and reached the summit without further ado.

124,5. However, when they reached the summit, at the highest point on which the temple stood, a new obstacle emerged.

124,6. In the vicinity of the temple, there was a lair of the most poisonous rattlesnakes and vipers.

124,7. They sunned themselves by the hundreds on the extensive open spaces around the temple.

124,8. As the vermin saw the approaching company, they began to rattle and hiss, and flicker their tongues.

124,9. This caused Cyrenius' entourage to become paralyzed with fear. It was particularly bad for Tullia, who was on foot; she completely lost her presence of mind and in her great fear, saw her demise in front of her.

124,10. However, it was not only the human beings, but also the three lions that started to give out cries of fear, and they huddled as close as possible to the group of people.

124,11. Although this sight had no effect on Cyrenius, he was nevertheless uneasy on account of his wife and his entourage.

124,12. He thus turned to Joseph and spoke: "Brother! Tell the two attendants of the Lord to threaten this vermin!"

124,13. Joseph, however, spoke: "This is not necessary!

124,14. For look, my wife is a master craftswoman; let us allow her, with her animal, to go in front,

124,15. and you will see how this vermin will flee in fear of her!"

124,16. And Mary, with the Infant in her arms, stepped forward with her animal, and as the vermin saw Mary,

124,17. they slithered away in a flash from that place, and could not be seen anywhere.

124,18. Cyrenius' entire entourage was amazed by this, and many wondered among themselves:

124,19. "Could this be Hygea, whom all the snakes obey at her every gesture?"

124,20. Cyrenius, who heard this question, spoke: "Why are you talking about Hygea, who never existed!?

124,21. Here is more than Juno, who also did not exist; she is the wife, selected by the Supreme God, for this most exalted man!"

124,22. At this, the entire entourage of Cyrenius was taken aback; but none dared to ask any further questions to anyone.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-124 Chapter