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Chapter 12. – Augustus' commandment for the assessment and census of all inhabitants. New sorrow and consolation.

12,1. Joseph then spent two months very contentedly in his house with Mary, who was now his wife, and he worked to support Mary.

12,2. However, after this time passed and Mary's delivery drew closer, a new blow occurred which caused Joseph great concern.

12,3. The Roman Emperor Augustus gave orders throughout his lands, whereby all people of his empire should be assessed and counted, in order to be classified for tax and recruitment purposes.

12,4. And as the Nazarenes were not excluded from this commandment, Joseph was forced to go to Bethlehem, David's city, where the Roman registration commission was set up.

12,5. Upon learning of this order, for which he had already been called to an assembly in Jerusalem, he said to himself:

12,6. "My God and my Lord, this is a hard blow for me at this time as Mary's delivery is so close!

12,7. What shall I do now? – I have to register my sons in any case, as they are unfortunately eligible for military service for the Emperor. But what, in heaven's name, O Lord, shall I do with Mary?!

12,8. I cannot leave her at home; for what would she do when her time would come?

12,9. If I take her with me, who can say that her time will not come on the way, and what would I then do with her, as she herself is more a child than a strong woman?

12,10. And even if I finally manage to present her to the Roman officials, how shall I have her registered?

12,11. As my wife, even when, until now, no one except myself and the high priest know anything?

12,12. Indeed, I am almost embarrassed in front of the sons of Israel, for they know that I am an old man over seventy years old! – What will they say if I register her as my rightful wife, a barely fifteen-year-old child who also happens to be highly pregnant?!

12,13. Or should I register her as my daughter? – But the sons of Israel know where Mary comes from, and that she could never be my daughter!

12,14. If I register her as a virgin of the Lord who was entrusted to me, what would some there say to me, not knowing that I have defended myself in the temple, upon seeing Mary highly pregnant?

12,15. Yes, I know what I will do now: I will wait for the day of the Lord! On this day, the Lord, my God will do what He thinks best and that will be for the best. And so be it then!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-12 Chapter