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Chapter 13. – An old friend fortifies and blesses Joseph. Joseph's travel arrangements for his five sons. The consoling testament from above. The happy departure.

13,1. Still on the same day an old wise friend from Nazareth came to Joseph and said to him:

13,2. "Brother! See, the Lord leads his people through many deserts and steppes! – Those who willingly follow where he leads, will reach the right place!

13,3. We were disgraced in Egypt and cried under Babylon's chains but the Lord freed us again!

13,4. Now the Romans sent their eagles over us; it is the Lord's will! – So we will do what He wants; for He surely knows why He wants it like this!"

13,5. Joseph well understood what his friend had told him and, as the friend blessed him and left, Joseph spoke to his sons:

13,6. "Listen to me! The Lord wants, that all of us go to Bethlehem; and so we have to accept His will and do what He wants.

13,7. You, Joel, saddle the she-ass for Mary and take the saddle with the backrest; and you Joses, bridle the ox and harness it to the cart, in which we will carry our food!

13,8. You three, Samuel, Simeon and James load the cart with stable fruits, bread, honey and cheese, and take enough to cover our needs for fourteen days; for we do not know when we will be called, and when we will be free, and what could happen to Mary on the way! So put fresh linen and napkins on the cart as well!"

13,9. The sons went and ordered everything as Joseph had requested.

13,10. After they had prepared everything as Joseph had told them, they came back and showed it to Joseph.

13,11. Joseph then kneeled down with his entire house, prayed, and delivered himself and his family into the hands of the Lord.

13,12. As he came to the end of these prayers and praises, he heard a voice seemingly from outside the house, which spoke to him:

13,13. "Joseph, faithful son of David, who was a man after God's heart!

13,14. When David left to fight the giant, the hand of the angel, placed at his side by the Lord, was with him, and see, your father was a mighty victor!

13,15. But with you now is He Himself, who has been eternally, who created heaven and earth, who in Noah's time let it rain for forty days and nights, and who let drown all men hostile to Him,

13,16. who then gave Isaac to Abraham, who led your people out of Egypt and spoke terribly with Moses in the Sinai!

13,17. See, He is now truly in your house and will also go with you to Bethlehem; therefore do not be afraid, because He will not allow a hair on your head to be touched!"

13,18. Joseph, upon hearing such words, became joyful, and he thanked the Lord for this grace and immediately prepared everything for the journey.

13,19. He took Mary, and placed her as softly and comfortably as possible on the pack animal, and then took the reins in his hand and led the she-ass.

13,20. The sons took charge of the loaded cart and followed the trotting she-ass.

13,21. After some time Joseph gave the reins to his oldest son; and he walked at Mary's side, since she sometimes became weak and could not hold herself properly in the saddle.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-13 Chapter