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Chapter 14.- Mary's vision of the two peoples. The first signs of labour. Shelter in a nearby cave.

14,1. Thus, the devout group of travellers came within six hours of Bethlehem and rested there in the open.

14,2. Joseph looked at Mary and found that she seemed full of pain, and mortified he thought to himself:

14,3. "What can it be? Mary's face is full of pain, and her eyes are filled with tears! – Maybe her time is nearing?"

14,4. Then Joseph again looked closer at Mary, and, to his great surprise, saw her laughing!

14,5. He then asked her: "Mary, tell me, what is happening to you? – For in one moment I see your face full of pain, but then in the next moment you are laughing and radiating with joy!"

14,6. And Mary said to Joseph: "See, I just saw two peoples in front of me; the first one cried and then I was forced to cry with them.

14,7. But the other moved in front of me laughing and was full of happiness and joy; and I had to laugh with them and join in their joy! – This is all that appeared as pain and joy on my face."

14,8. As Joseph heard this he felt calm again, since he knew that Mary often had visions, and he let them break camp to continue their journey and they proceeded towards Bethlehem. –

14,9. But as they came closer to Bethlehem, Mary suddenly spoke to Joseph:

14,10. "Listen to me, Joseph! – That which is inside me starts to press strongly; therefore let us rest!"

14,11. Joseph was startled by Mary's sudden outcry, for he now saw that the moment he had most feared had arrived.

14,12. So he let them stop immediately. Then Mary spoke again to Joseph:

14,13. "Take me down from the she-ass; for That which is in me presses strongly and wants to come out! And I do can not resist Its pressure any longer!"

14,14. But Joseph said: "But for the Lord's sake! You can see that there is no shelter here – where shall I bring you?"

14,15. However, Mary said: "Look, over there in the hill is a cave; it can be hardly a hundred steps away! Take me there; it is impossible for me to go any further!"

14,16. Thereupon Joseph steered his cart there and in this cave, which the shepherds used as a stable in time of need, to his great joy he found some hay and straw, which he promptly used to prepare a provisional bed for Mary.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-14 Chapter