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Chapter 126. – The snack in the open with the youths. The fire at the imperial palace. Cyrenius' agitation and anger. Joseph's composure and the calm response to the agitated Cyrenius.

126,1. Afterwards Cyrenius once again invited Joseph, together with Mary, the Infant and Eudokia, to partake with him of the refreshments.

126,2. At this Joseph went with his people, took his place at the lower end, blessed the food and ate and drank.

126,3. Joseph's example was also followed by the two youths and then by the entire company.

126,4. As they sat together in good spirits and ate and drank,

126,5. Maronius, who sat next to Cyrenius, observed that a great column of smoke began to rise over the city of Ostracine,

126,6. and that thick columns of smoke also arose from the more distant seashore.

126,7. He instantly indicated this to Cyrenius, who immediately realized that it was his palace in the city that was in flames, – and suspected that it were his ships, lying at the somewhat distant seashore, that were set on fire.

126,8. As if struck by a thousand bolts of lightning, Cyrenius jumped up and cried:

126,9. "In the Lord's name, – what is it that I see?! – Is that the consequence of my goodness to you miserable Ostraciners?

126,10. Indeed, I will transform this goodness into the rage of a tiger, and you will have to atone for this outrage as no fury in the deepest hell has ever had to atone!

126,11. Get up, friends and brothers! We have no more time to remain here! Come on, let us take just revenge on these criminals!!!"

126,12. Cyrenius' entire entourage instantly jumped up at his terrible call and gathered up everything instantly.

126,13. Only Joseph and his own people remained calmly seated and hardly took note of the places that were burning.

126,14. Cyrenius noticed this and hastily snapped at Joseph, saying:

126,15. "What kind of friend are you, who at the moment of my misfortune, can sit here so calmly?!

126,16. You know well that because of the ferocious animals, I cannot safely pass this mountain path without you!

126,17. Therefore get up and provide me safety, otherwise you will embittered me against you!"

126,18. And Joseph spoke very calmly: "Look, you infuriated Roman, I will not follow you just now!

126,19. Anyway, what can you do, when you descend in approximately two hours? – Will not everything be consumed by the flames by that time?!

126,20. If you want to take revenge, well, I think there will be enough time for that!

126,21. If you had not flared up, truly, I would have told the two youths, and they would have instantaneously put an end to the fire.

126,22. But as you have flared up in this manner, now go there yourself, and quell the fire with your anger!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-126 Chapter