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Chapter 127. – Cyrenius tries to pacify Joseph through Tullia. Joseph's friendly words. The extinction of the fire through the willpower of the two youths.

127,1. Joseph's most solemnly spoken words made a powerful impression on Cyrenius, and he did not know how to respond to them;

127,2. he also did not dare utter another word to the visibly excited man.

127,3. He therefore said to Tullia: "Go to the wise man and relate to him my understandable distress and the resulting agitation of my spirits!

127,4. Ask him for forgiveness and assure him that I will never cause him such a moment in future!

127,5. But he should not abandon me this time and not refuse me his aid!"

127,6. Joseph, however, heard what Cyrenius had said to Tullia;

127,7. and he stood up, went to Cyrenius and spoke: "Noble friend and brother in the Lord God! Until now we have not needed an intermediary,

127,8. but have always openly acknowledged our mutual issues!

127,9. Why should you make your wife an intermediary, as if we both are not enough for each other?

127,10. Do you think that I too could become enraged about anything?

127,11. Oh see, in that case you would be greatly mistaken about me! – My severity is merely the consequence of my great love for you!

127,12. It is a bad friend, who does not allow his friend to hear a serious word in times of trouble!

127,13. Look, if there was anything to the matter that now troubles you so greatly, you may rest assured that I would be the first to tell you, as I have always done on every occasion!

127,14. However, here is nothing but the completely empty phantasmagoria of those evil spirits that were driven out from here!

127,15. They are now taking blind revenge and want to terrify us because we threw them out of their old shelter here.

127,16. Look, that is all there is to it! – If you had asked me earlier, before you became agitated, you would not even have needed to get up from the ground!

127,17. However, you immediately trusted your senses and became agitated over absolutely nothing!

127,18. Now sit very quietly and calmly look at the fires, and rest assured, that they will quickly be extinguished!"

127,19. This announcement from Joseph's was for Cyrenius as if from another world;

127,20. but he nevertheless believed what Joseph had said, although he did not understand anything of the matter.

127,21. Joseph spoke to the youths in Cyrenius' presence:

127,22. "You should also take a look at the places in which the displaced spirits are perpetrating their wilfulness, so that there can be an end to it and my brother will calm down!"

127,23. And both did so, and look, right at that moment, the conflagration vanished without a trace!

127,24. Only now did Cyrenius comprehend better what Joseph had told him earlier, and he was again in happy spirits; he now felt an immense respect for the two youths and for Joseph.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-127 Chapter