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Chapter 128. – Cyrenius is instructed in the promised tugging of the Lord. Joseph explains the wonderful phenomena in nature.

128,1. After all was sorted out and everything had quietened down, the Infant raised itself up and spoke to Cyrenius:

128,2. "Listen to me, you noble-hearted man! – Do you remember how I tugged at My brother James' hair?

128,3. See, at that time you wanted Me to tug at your hair as well!

128,4. I promised this to you, and look, now I am keeping My promise;

128,5. for all the small surprises, that have occurred to you since, are nothing else than the promised tugging at your hair!

128,6. Whenever such incidences occur to you in future, remember My words to you and do not fear anything, and never be angry;

128,7. for you will not lose any hair on account of your anger! Those to whom I do such things are the ones I love! – And they have nothing to fear, either in this or in the other world!"

128,8. Cyrenius had tears when he heard this explanation from the Infant, and could not help himself for sheer love and gratitude.

128,9. Several of the gentiles present also heard the Infant's speech and were exceedingly astonished that a three-month-old Infant could speak with such perfect wisdom and clarity.

128,10. And some of them turned to Joseph and asked him how it was possible that the Infant could be so perfectly equipped to speak at such an early age?

128,11. At this, Joseph shrugged his shoulders and spoke: "Dear friends! – The most amazing phenomena appear from time to time on the great earth, and particularly in the sphere of life.

128,12. They occur in front of our eyes, but who can define the mysterious laws of a creative God by which they occur?!

128,13. Indeed, we, by ourselves the greatest wonder of all, tread the innumerable wonders with our feet everyday – and hardly take notice!

128,14. Which one of us knows how these countless marvels are created – such as the grass, the tree, the worm, the mosquito and the fish in the water?

128,15. Indeed, nothing remains for us than to look at the wonders and extol, glorify and worship the great holy Master Builder!"

128,16. This explanation completely satisfied the questioning gentiles,

128,17. and from this moment, they looked at all of nature with entirely different eyes.

128,18. They then scattered to all the sides of the bare mountain and observed the wonder of creation.

128,19. Cyrenius surreptitiously turned to Joseph and asked him, whether he really did not know anything more about this.

128,20. Joseph solemnly affirmed this and spoke: "Consult the Infant about this; He will certainly give you the best information."

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-128 Chapter