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Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-129 Chapter

Chapter 129. – Cyrenius' question about the amazing speaking skills of the three-month-old Infant Jesus. The profoundly wise answer of the angel about the mysterious nature of the Infant.

129,1. Hereupon Cyrenius immediately turned to the Infant in all humility and spoke:

129,2. "You are my life, my all! – See, although it is known who You are, it is just too incredible that You, an Infant of three months, can speak so perfectly and so very wisely!

129,3. I would like to be enlightened a little in this matter by You on this mountain where so many amazing things have occurred already! – Would you tell me something about this?"

129,4. The Infant spoke: "Cyrenius, look, there are the two attendants next to Joseph; consult them, and they will reveal this to you!"

129,5. Cyrenius immediately followed this advice and turned to the two attendants in this matter.

129,6. And they spoke: "Look, this is a purely divine matter; even when we explain it to you, you will not be able to understand it!

129,7. For ordinary persons can never grasp that what is purely divine, because their spirit is not free but caught in worldly matter.

129,8. You too are, for the most part, an ordinary person; thus you too will not understand what we will reveal to you!

129,9. However, as you wish to have knowledge about this, we will give it to you at the Lord's behest;

129,10. but we cannot give you the necessary understanding for it, as you are still an ordinary person.

129,11. So, listen to us! – See, the Infant, as He is in His human form, can by no means talk to you for long as an ordinary person can!

129,12. He will, to some extent, be capable of this only in half a year's time.

129,13. However, the fullness of the eternal almighty God dwells in His heart.

129,14. If this Child speaks to you in a distinct and wise way, then it is not the Child that is visible to you which is speaking, but the divinity speaking out of the Child to your spirit that is awakened for this purpose.

129,15. And therefore you hear the words as if the Infant visible to you is speaking.

129,16. However, this is not the case because only the Deity, invisible to you, is speaking!

129,17. And what you believe you hear outwardly, you hear only within yourself; and this is the case with everyone who hears this Infant speak!

129,18. So that you can convince yourself of this, just go as far as you wish from here, where you will not be able to hear the Infant's natural voice.

129,19. And the Infant will speak to you, and you will hear Him as well as you would from close by! – Go and experience this!"

129,20. And Cyrenius, who did not understand anything of all this, nevertheless went a thousand paces towards the open space on the mountain.

129,21. There he suddenly heard the Infant's call very loud and clear, which said:

129,22. "Cyrenius! Return as fast as you can; for beneath the spot, on which you are standing, is a den full of tigers!

129,23. They are beginning to scent you; so rush back before they see you!"

129,24. Cyrenius, who heard this, immediately rushed back at lightning speed and stood there, absolutely astounded. He wanted to make further inquiries, but in the end he did not know what he really wanted to ask, for this experience was just too strange for him.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-129 Chapter