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Chapter 130. – Cyrenius professes his ignorance in spiritual matters. His request for enlightenment. The angel's response and a splendid and clear testimonial of the Lord's nature and incarnation. The Infant's blessings on Cyrenius.

130,1. The two youths now did not speak more; but this explanation affected Cyrenius so deeply, that he could not rest.

130,2. As after a while he had pulled himself together, he spoke to both the youths:

130,3. "Most highly exalted servants of God, undoubtedly since eternity! Your explanation is too wonderfully sublime and captivates my entire life, and thus I cannot be content with that what you said and showed to me!

130,4. I now realize perfectly that I am an ordinary person, completely lacking in all higher wisdom, who can barely see beyond what he can grasp.

130,5. However, is it not possible for me to gain just a little more insight?

130,6. I most humbly request you to do this for me! Open for me the cognitive faculties that are surely latent within me,

130,7. so that I may at least understand more clearly what you have revealed to me!"

130,8. The two replied: "See, you who are such a dear friend and brother, here you ask of something that is impossibly premature!

130,9. For as long as you still walk in the flesh, you will never comprehend matters of the highest divine wisdom!

130,10. Just think, that the Lord God, who lives here in this Infant in all His infinite and everlasting fullness, could have chosen any of His countless myriads of the most marvellous and gigantic worlds and planets whose infinitely smallest part you see as little stars at night,

130,11. just as this earth, for his incarnation! And He nevertheless chose this meagre earth, which is, of all the innumerable celestial bodies, the most miserable and inferior in every respect!

130,12. However, He, the eternal Lord of infinity, has found delight in this; He did it, as you can see in front of you!

130,13. Do you really think that He requires our advice or our consent for this?

130,14. O look, this type of thinking would be basically erroneous! – Since eternity, He does only whatever He wishes, and no one has ever been His advisor!

130,15. Who could ever question him: 'Lord! What are You doing, and why are You doing this?'

130,16. He Himself is the everlasting perfection, the highest wisdom, the greatest love and kindness!

130,17. He Himself is the supreme force and power; a thought of annihilation in His heart would instantly cause everything to sink into nothingness!

130,18. And see, He nevertheless allowed Himself to be lured here as a weak mortal Child in the arms of a frail Jewish virgin!

130,19. And He, who provides countless suns, worlds and beings of endless description with the gift of life, and the most wise and appropriate fare of the most abundant infinity, suckles here on this meagre earth on the weak breasts of a fifteen-year-old virgin!

130,20. He, as the foundation of all life, has Himself put on the apparel of death, of sin, and has concealed Himself in flesh and blood! –

130,21. What do you say about this? – How does this appear to you? – Do you not want to have more light shed on this also?!

130,22. See, the less you comprehend this in its profundity, the less can be said to you about the capability of this supreme Child to talk at this early age.

130,23. However, love Him with all your might, and do not ever betray Him, so that in this love you can also find that what all the heavens in eternity would not otherwise be in a position to reveal to you!"

130,24. These words filled Cyrenius with such an immense respect for the Child that he immediately fell before Him, wept and spoke: "O Lord! I am eternally unworthy of the grace that I receive here!"

130,25. The Infant spoke: "Cyrenius, rise, and do not betray Me! I know your heart, and love you, and bless you; therefore rise!" – And Cyrenius immediately got up, trembling all over with love and respect.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-130 Chapter