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Chapter 131. – An approaching thunderstorm. Joseph's advice. The lion's foreboding and their flight into the woods.

131,1. The others, who had earlier scattered to all sides of the mountain expanse, returned with very distressed faces.

131,2. For they had seen enormous black clouds, always precursors of big storms, coming from the south-western region of Egypt.

131,3. The skies were clear north-easterly towards Ostracine; however, this made the sight over the mountain in the south-westerly direction as mentioned before, all the more eerie.

131,4. Those returning therefore advised a hasty return.

131,5. However, Cyrenius said: "When the time is right, it will be revealed to us by these mighty and wise companions;

131,6. but as long as they remain calm, there is no need for us to worry at all!"

131,7. Maronius and the commander spoke: "You are right; but go there over this small bank, and look, and you will certainly share our opinion!

131,8. For it looks as if all the Furies had suddenly set the earth on fire!"

131,9. Cyrenius asked the slightly dozing Joseph:

131,10. "Friend and brother, have you heard the alarming news that has been brought to me by these people?"

131,11. And Joseph spoke: "I was dozing and hardly know what you were discussing among yourselves."

131,12. And Cyrenius spoke: "So rise, and come with me to this little bank, and you will immediately discover what we were talking about!"

131,13. And Joseph got up and ascended the bank.

131,14. As they arrived there, Cyrenius at once pointed out the highly threatening appearance of the approaching storm to Joseph.

131,15. And Joseph spoke: "Yes, what will you do now?

131,16. Flee? – Where to? – The storm will arrive in fifteen minutes at the latest!

131,17. We need one-and-a-half hours to walk to Ostracine; the storm will have overtaken us long before we even go through the upper part of the mountain forest!

131,18. What then in the dangerous valley, if a legion of wild beasts surround us, as they are wont to do during big storms?!

131,19. And if, on top of that, sudden torrential rains overtake us and mercilessly drag us into the depths – what shall we do then?!

131,20. Therefore let us remain here at the summit, where we can get wet at the most, while in the forests we can run into all sorts of trouble!"

131,21. Cyrenius was satisfied with this advice and went back under the fig tree with Joseph.

131,22. However, Cyrenius' company was still very sceptical, – particularly as they saw the three lions suddenly leap and flee into the woods.

131,23. And Maronius himself spoke to Joseph: "Look, the three beasts that had become loyal to us have surely received forewarning of the calamity that is expected here, as they have taken flight to find shelter! Should we not do likewise?"

131,24. Joseph however spoke: "Man need not to learn what to do from the animals, but from the Lord of nature!

131,25. I am of the opinion that I am cleverer than the animal; I will therefore remain here and await the storm, if it comes at all, and then leave!" – All had to be content with this, while remaining in fearful expectation.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-131 Chapter