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Chapter 132. – The mountain top wrapped in mist. The gentiles' fear of the gods. Cyrenius' courage tested in the raging of the thunderstorm. The sudden silencing of the thunderstorm at the Infant Jesus' command.

132,1. It took less than fifteen minutes before the mountain top suddenly began to be covered in mist so thick that it became really ominous.

132,2. Cyrenius' entire company began to lament and spoke:

132,3. "Now we have it! – Zeus will serve us very well here!

132,4. Here one cannot say: far from Zeus, far from lightning!

132,5. But here we can all die in a horrible way; for mortals should never unduly approach the gods, if they wish to wander the earth unscathed!"

132,6. However, Cyrenius spoke somewhat jokingly: "I do not care about any of your gods!

132,7. I have found a better God, about whom it is not said: far from Him, also far from lightning!

132,8. But it is just the opposite: far from Him, far from life – and very close to the deadly lightning!

132,9. But close to Him then is as much as: close to life – and very far from the deadly lightning!

132,10. Therefore, even this mist does not frighten me in the least; for I know that all of us are nevertheless very far from the deadly lightning!"

132,11. Hardly had Cyrenius declared this, when lightning struck the earth with a loud bang just in front of the company, and this was soon followed by a series of other strikes!

132,12. Cyrenius was somewhat taken aback by this, and his companion spoke: "How do you now feel about your earlier statement?"

132,13. And Cyrenius spoke: "Very well; for this is a really incredible racket by which none of us have lost his life!

132,14. It seems to me that your gods have seen the emperor's brother here – and also quite a few others! That is why they give us this honour!"

132,15. However, a captain from Cyrenius' company, who was rather greatly subjugated by the gods, spoke to the jesting Cyrenius:

132,16. "Please, Your Imperial Consular Highness, do not jest here with the gods! – For the agile Mercury could easily notify Zeus, and then we would all be ruined by one flash of lightning!"

132,17. And Cyrenius spoke, jesting even more: "My dear captain, sit down very calmly on the earth!

132,18. For Mercury now has eternal house arrest, and Zeus himself has received such a hard slap in the face from quite another Juno that it has caused him permanent loss of hearing and sight!

132,19. Hence you must now be very calm on this score; because from now on Zeus will not have much to do with lightning and thunder!"

132,20. On that occasion, it began to flash even more intensely and to thunder even more terribly, and the captain remarked:

132,21. "Oh! Your Imperial Consular Highness will surely deeply regret this diatribe against the gods!"

132,22. And Cyrenius spoke: "Surely not today; perhaps tomorrow, if I have that much time left!

132,23. For look, if I would fear the gods as much as you and some of the other fools do, then I would not be speaking in this way, at this particular time, below this sea of fire.

132,24. However, I speak in this way because I do no longer fear the gods!"

132,25. With this, the captain was snubbed and he did not dare to speak further to the Imperial Highness.

132,26. However, a flash of lightning struck just between Joseph, Mary and the two youths.

132,27. The Infant then raised Himself and spoke: "Expose yourself, you monster!"

132,28. At these words the clouds suddenly burst over them. The sky became completely clear; but in return a lot of vermin could be seen crawling around on the ground.

132,29. The two youths directed their gaze on the ground, and the vermin fled either into the woods or were destroyed.

132,30. This act caused all who were on the mountain with Cyrenius to fall silent; for they did not know how this happened.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-132 Chapter