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Chapter 133. – The curiosity of the now pensive Roman commander and his conversation with Cyrenius about the laws of nature and their lawgiver. The return home from the mountain.

133,1. After a long while of continual astonishment, the commander approached Cyrenius with great humility and spoke:

133,2. "Your Highness! I know that you have concerned yourself a lot with natural sciences, just as several other illustrious leaders of Rome have done!

133,3. As for me, I have always been much more of a soldier than a scholar of nature;

133,4. but this highly strange phenomenon that occurred here in front of our eyes, compels me to reflect upon it.

133,5. However, I earnestly do not see any other reason except the miraculous, which can only be explained by the remarkable power of this Jewish Child.

133,6. Is it possible that there are really no other reasons? – Is it not possible, that there are some secret laws of nature, which can produce such a phenomenon, just as the customary rain, hail and snow?

133,7. O give me a small light, with which I can understand it a little and not stand there like a lost soul!

133,8. And Cyrenius spoke to the commander: "O friend! – You have been ill-advised, that is why you have turned to me in this matter!

133,9. For I understand as little of this as you; that such a thing most certainly occurred according to a law is certain!

133,10. However, the constitution of this law is something that can scarcely be known to anyone except the great lawgiver of nature!

133,11. Whether we mortals are entitled to ask the great lawgiver about the constitution of such laws is absolutely unknown, at least to me!"

133,12. The commander spoke: "See, your Highness, here is the wise Jew, and there his marvellous Child and the two remarkable youths that have unnerved us so greatly with their brilliant garments!

133,13. How would it be if we consulted them in this most remarkable matter?"

133,14. And Cyrenius spoke: "Try it, if you have sufficient courage to do so!

133,15. On this occasion, I lack the courage for this; for I now see quite clearly, that these beings are of a completely different nature than us!"

133,16. And the commander spoke: "Lack of courage is not the obstacle in my case;

133,17. but if Your Highness is of this opinion, then I certainly do not want to be a traitor and will make do with my ignorance!"

133,18. Joseph now spoke to Cyrenius: "Brother, let us prepare now for departure; for the sun has almost set!"

133,19. Cyrenius followed this advice, and the departure, which took place without any obstacle, began within a short time. In two hours, they had returned to the villa.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-133 Chapter