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Chapter 134. – The reception in Joseph's house by those left behind. Joel's narration. The three lions as Cyrenius' bodyguards.

134,1. Upon arrival at the villa, the company was greeted most affectionately by Joseph's sons and most particularly by the youths who were left behind.

134,2. And the sons immediately notified their father of everything they had done in the meantime and how faithfully they had fulfilled his wishes.

134,3. At the same time, the oldest son of Joseph related all the remarkable events that had taken place around Ostracine during this time.

134,4. "Especially", said the narrator, "the sudden fire in the governor's residence had frightened all the inhabitants!

134,5. However, as they tried to halt the conflagration, it suddenly went out and no trace of it could be found.

134,6. Then we suddenly saw that the mountain was being enveloped in fiery clouds, and a thousand flashes of lightning struck indiscriminately.

134,7. We then thought about the Sinai, which might have looked similar at the time of God's great revelation to our fathers.

134,8. We were extremely worried about you; but the youths consoled us and said that not a hair on anyone's head would be touched.

134,9. But nevertheless, as the mountain began to be enveloped in fiery clouds, we became extremely frightened:

134,10. From the mountain path, three enormous lions jumped on us in great haste!

134,11. This made us extremely frightened. But the youths spoke: 'Do not fear; for these animals seek protection in the house of Him, whom all things must obey!'

134,12. And so it was! The three lions immediately rushed to our cart shed, where they are resting quietly until now.

134,13. After the storm, we went there with some of the youths and saw the enormous beasts;

134,14. they soon got up and made signs of unmistakable submission and friendliness! – See, father Joseph, these were the miraculous things which occurred in your absence."

134,15. And Joseph spoke: "All right, my son; we too have experienced all this! Your narration was almost too protracted!

134,16. Now go and prepare the table; for we all need refreshment, as the mountain has exhausted us a little!"

134,17. And the sons, together with the other youths, immediately hastened to the kitchen and quickly put everything in perfect order.

134,18. However, Cyrenius spoke: "Indeed, it causes me great wonder that these three beasts, instead of hiding in their caves, took refuge here!

134,19. Maybe they will stay near the house and guard it faithfully. There have been several similar instances with this animal species!"

134,20. And Joseph spoke: "Whatever is appropriate and agreeable to the Lord is the same to me!

134,21. It is also possible, however, that these animals are following you to protect your ship?!"

134,22. And Cyrenius spoke: "Then whatever is appropriate and agreeable to the Lord is also the same to me – although the Lord can protect me even without these lions!"

134,23. Here the three lions came out and stood by Cyrenius and showed their friendliness to him.

134,24. And Cyrenius said: "That is really strange; you, dear brother, need only say something, and it happens!"

134,25. Both the youths spoke: "These three lions will serve you well this very night!

134,26. For the Lord always knows the most suitable means with which to help someone.

134,27. Such animals were often in divine service; which is why they have been chosen also now, to serve you in a matter that awaits you! – And so be it!"

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-134 Chapter