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Chapter 135. – The meal in Joseph's house. The Infant's disclosure of the forthcoming assassination attempt on Cyrenius. Cyrenius' homecoming. The lions as night watch. The attack. God's judgment on the assassins.

135,1. After this discussion, the three lions again left Cyrenius and retreated into the cart shed.

135,2. Cyrenius wanted to speak to Joseph about a good many things about this phenomenon, but Joseph's sons came at this moment and indicated to their father that the meal was ready and the table was set.

135,3. And Joseph invited the entire company to enter into the dining room and to fortify themselves with the served food and drink.

135,4. At this invitation, all proceeded into the dining room and ate the blessed food and quenched their thirst with water and some lemon juice.

135,5. After the meal, which lasted for an hour, Joseph thanked God and blessed all of the guests present.

135,6. The Infant called for Cyrenius, and as he approached Him with the greatest humility, He spoke to him:

135,7. "Cyrenius, you will be attacked by a small traitorous gang in your bedchamber tonight!

135,8. Therefore, I am giving you the three lions; allow them to remain in your chamber with you, and let them follow you as they wish.

135,9. When the traitorous gang enters into your chamber, the three lions will suddenly attack them ruthlessly and tear them to pieces;

135,10. however, not a hair on your head will be touched! – Do not be afraid of the three lions; for they fully recognize you as their master!"

135,11. Cyrenius thanked the Infant most fervently in his heart and showered Him with kisses, as did his wife, Tullia, although she did not know what the Infant had just told Cyrenius.

135,12. And as it had become evening, Cyrenius set off with his company, and after repeating his invitation for the following day, he proceeded, after being blessed, into the city.

135,13. As he put a foot in his forecourt, the three lions were also at hand and escorted Cyrenius unwaveringly into his house.

135,14. And as he went to his bed with Tullia, the lions surrounded it, fixing their shining eyes towards the entrance door.

135,15. Cyrenius' servants often went in and out of the room; but the lions paid no attention to them.

135,16. However, at around the second night watch, twenty masked men entered very softly into Cyrenius' chamber and approached the bed very quietly.

135,17. As they stood barely five paces from the bed with drawn daggers,

135,18. the three lions suddenly pounced on them with terrifying roars and tore them to pieces in a very short time, and none of the men escaped this attack!

135,19. For no one was prepared for such an attack; the first pounces caused extreme terror and bewilderment to all and the thought of defending oneself did not occur to anyone.

135,20. That is why none of the men found their way back and were thus prey to the lions' rage.

135,21. And so Cyrenius was miraculously rescued by the three lions during this night and was not a little astonished to see the dismembered corpses in his room the next morning.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-135 Chapter