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Chapter 136. – Cyrenius' interrogation of the servants. The servants' fear of the three judges. The detection of the traitor. The lion's exemplary tribunal.

136,1. Cyrenius immediately awoke his servants and called them, so that they could account for this treacherousness.

136,2. The servants were horrified at the sight and spoke to the enraged governor:

136,3. "Most strict, most just and most powerful lord, lord! – The gods are our witness that we have not had any knowledge of this!

136,4. We will all be doomed, if we have participated in this in the slightest way or even had the slightest knowledge of this!"

136,5. And Cyrenius spoke: "Then take these corpses out and bury them in front of this fortress in an open place, to serve as a deterrent to all those who might have a similar inclination!"

136,6. However, the servants had a great fear of the three lions that still heavily guarded Cyrenius' bed, and spoke:

136,7. "O lord, lord! Look, we do not dare to touch anything here; for the three beasts look ferocious and could do the same to us as they did to the assassins?!"

136,8. And Cyrenius spoke: "Those who have an honest conscience can come forward and convince themselves that these ferocious animals also respect loyalty!"

136,9. At this speech of Cyrenius, all but one came forward, and the lions did not do even the slightest harm to them.

136,10. However, Cyrenius asked the one who had stayed behind: "Why do you stay behind, although you can see that your colleagues have not been harmed by the lions in even the slightest manner?!"

136,11. And the interrogated servant spoke: "Lord, lord, have mercy on me; for I have an impure conscience!"

136,12. And Cyrenius asked him: "What is the basis of the impurity of your conscience? – Speak, if you do not wish to die!"

136,13. And the interrogated servant spoke: "Lord, lord! – I knew about this treason since yesterday morning, but did not want to reveal it to anyone because I was bribed with one hundred pounds of silver!

136,14. For I thought that you would in any event be saved, just as the wise man in the villa on the outskirts was saved, and so I accepted the silver."

136,15. Here Cyrenius jumped up and spoke: "Must then every honest philanthropist have a devil among his servants and friends!?

136,16. You miserable rogue, step forward before God's tribunal! If you find mercy from this tribunal, then I too will not judge you;

136,17. however, if you do not find mercy from this tribunal, then you are already judged for all eternity!"

136,18. At this, the thus interrogated and addressed servant became fearful and collapsed in a faint.

136,19. Then one lion stood up, moved towards the unconscious man, seized his hand and dragged him very carefully towards Cyrenius, where the culprit remained motionless.

136,20. However, the same lion then hastily sprang into the open chamber, seized a bale, pulled it forth and tore it into a thousand pieces.

136,21. And the hundred pounds of silver that the servant had received for his silence came out.

136,22. Cyrenius was quite astonished by this event.

136,23. The lion hereupon again seized the culprit by the arm, dragged him into the anteroom and laid him exactly where the bale was earlier located.

136,24. He struck the man a few times with his tail, which revived the unconscious man, and did not harm him otherwise.

136,25. Then the lion went back to its earlier spot and kept very quiet, together with its two companions.

136,26. The servants now began to remove the dead bodies as per Cyrenius' order. And Cyrenius praised and glorified the God of Israel, for He had saved him so miraculously – and in an hour the bedchamber was fully cleaned again.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-136 Chapter