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Chapter 137. – Tullia awakens from deep sleep. Cyrenius relates what happened. The reunion with the Holy Family.

137,1. Tullia, however, awoke from a restorative sleep only after all the traces of the night's events had been removed.

137,2. And Cyrenius asked her whether she had slept peacefully.

137,3. And Tullia affirmed that she had, as she had been very tired from the mountain trip.

137,4. And Cyrenius spoke: "You were very lucky here!

137,5. For if you had awoken during the night, you would have had to suffer great terror!

137,6. For look, one hour ago, this room was a scene of horror!"

137,7. Greatly astonished, Tullia asked what had happened.

137,8. And Cyrenius showed Tullia the three lions and spoke in a strongly raised voice:

137,9. "Tullia! – Look, these are surely three terrible animals; they are the kings of brutish power, rage and ferociousness, when they are provoked!

137,10. And woe to any wanderer in the wilderness, where they dwell!

137,11. Nothing can save him from their rage – one spring, and the man lies torn to pieces in the blazing wilderness!

137,12. And yet there are men, compared to whom these animals are genies from heaven!

137,13. Thus the three lions have protected us this night against the fury of men and have torn twenty assassins to pieces in this chamber!" –

137,14. Tullia was horrified by her husband's narration and spoke:

137,15. "How did this happen? – Why then did I not know anything about it? If you knew something of this earlier, why did you not reveal it to me?"

137,16. And Cyrenius spoke: "Tullia, I knew well that something was going to happen during the night;

137,17. but to be precise, I did not know in what manner, for I only knew as much as the divine Child of my friend had disclosed.

137,18. That I did not reveal anything to you is due to my great love for you, my beloved wife!

137,19. And see, now it is all over; the God of Israel has saved us marvellously from a most disgraceful demise,

137,20. and for that we will love, praise and glorify Him from the depths of our hearts as long as we live!

137,21. However, now that you are already dressed, let us go towards the exalted family and receive them already outside the city gate!"

137,22. Cyrenius now commanded his servants to prepare everything for the forthcoming feast and to make all proper arrangements for it,

137,23. and ordered the traitorous servant to follow him in outside the city gate.

137,24. At the same time, Maronius, together with the three priests, emerged from another part of the fortress, and announced to Cyrenius that the most exalted family was already approaching the fortress.

137,25. Here Cyrenius abandoned everything and, with a throbbing heart, rushed towards Joseph who, together with Mary and the Infant and his entire holy entourage, came to meet him with open arms on the first step.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-137 Chapter