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Chapter 138. – Cyrenius' report and Joseph's criticism. Love and compassion are better than the most stringent justice. Cyrenius' gratitude. The company in Cyrenius' large bedroom.

138,1. Cyrenius embraced Joseph most cordially and briefly narrated to him what had occurred in the fortress during the night.

138,2. And Joseph spoke: "My dearest friend and brother in the Lord, – what you now tell me, I already knew, and that in great detail just as it unfolded!

138,3. However, there is one thing you did that you should not have done, –

138,4. and this is the fact that you had the torn corpses buried in the public place!

138,5. You have indeed done this out of political considerations, to serve as a deterrent to other people from making similar attempts;

138,6. however, this is a most untenable method! For look, nothing in the world lasts as short as horror, fear and sadness!

138,7. Therefore even the methods of stirring up these three feelings are not in the slightest more tenable than the feelings themselves.

138,8. However, if any man has shaken off these three emblems of judgment by means of the freedom of his spirit, he will become incensed and will attack the terrible judge with twice his fury.

138,9. Therefore always lead men with eternal love, and try to conceal such necessary, but nevertheless horrific examples from the people, and you will always enjoy their love!

138,10. I tell you: One drop of compassion on every occasion is better than an entire palace full of the best and most stringent justice!

138,11. For compassion reforms the foe as well as the friend; but the most stringent and best justice causes the righteous to be proud and arrogant,

138,12. and the guilty and prosecuted to be full off wrath, and thinking only of plotting revenge on the righteous.

138,13. What you have now done, cannot be undone.

138,14. However, bear this rule in mind in future; it is better than gold, better than the purest gold!"

138,15. Cyrenius fell on Joseph's neck once again and thanked him for this teaching as a son thanks his father.

138,16. Then the entire company proceeded into Cyrenius' bedchamber, which, as was customary for the Romans of importance, consisted of a large hall.

138,17. For the Romans said: Man always transpires sickness during sleep;

138,18. if the room is not large enough for the sickness to disperse, it returns to the person and makes him ill!

138,19. For this reason, the wealthy Romans even had fountains in their large sleeping halls that purified the air and absorbed the bad fumes.

138,20. And so even in this fortress, Cyrenius' bedchamber was the largest room and had two fountains with wide tanks, in which several sea onions floated around.

138,21. The floor of the hall was of black and brown marble, and the entire hall was full of ancient Egyptian splendour.

138,22. The whole company was now in this hall and they spoke to one another about a good many things of prehistoric times, while Cyrenius' servants diligently laboured to arrange all things in the adjoining halls in the best possible manner.

Main Page The Childhood of Jesus CYOU-138 Chapter